Saturday, December 20, 2008


Sometimes I just shake my head...maybe I should just eat my .45...

This article by RoNeisha Mullin in the Flint, Michigan paper says it all. Dang...

No comment...


  1. Just so you know, I had to read the title of the article twenty times to understand what they meant. English must be a second language in Flint. Guess who else claims Flint as his hometown? None other than Michael Moore, Lunatic, Esq. Of course, he is really from Davidson, the silver spoon GM community right outside of Flint, but still there must be some IQ-reducing quality in the water in the area.

    29 with ten kids. Wow.

  2. 29 and ten children?! How many fathers are involved? Just amazing.

    She needs to find a good medical school and let the students practice stitching her up with leader wire down there so she doesn't have any more. Heck, rather than worrying about getting rides around town she needs to use some of that gas money to practice birth control.

    Please understand that it isn't the color of her skin, it is the pure lack of good sense that bother's me! I don't care if she is Chinese, with healthy doses of every race on the face of the earth thrown in, 10 kids at 29?! Unmarried and stay at home? Somebody is paying for all of this, and it isn't her.

  3. Walt: Yep! What amazes me most about this article from the Flint newspaper is that the thrust of it was (evidently) to raise awareness of the need for donating to charities in the area...highlighting this FACED group.

    The Mrs. and I were talking about it, and we thought "You know...they should go out and find a working family with one or two children...maybe Dad lost his job, due to the economy...maybe the mother fell into bad health that wiped them out, etc. (regardless of their race) that this charity had helped.

    Articles like this do more harm to the cause of charities than good. Just think about how many millions of Americans got turned off when the Hurricane Katrina evacuees from New Orleans started bitching because the food at the shelters wasn't good, or the apartments they were put up in (on our dime) didn't have satellite TV, etc.

    I remember listening once to the great radio legend Frank Paige on the radio here in Shreveport. A woman called in and said, "Frank, I've had 9 children in 10 years. Do you think I should write a book?" Frank (who I plan to write a post on soon) told her "No ma'am. I don't think you need to write a book...I think you need to read a book." If this gal can read, it would certainly be a more productive way to spend her evenings.


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