Sunday, March 8, 2009


( ain't great...I'm still learning)

So, Keith Olbermann is going to hell if we don't agree together in prayer for him. I love Keith know... kinda like how The Good Lord loves Lucifer, but he's gonna throw him and his buddies into the Lake Of Fire That Burns Forever anyway...

But I really do love Keith. Over the 49 years that I have maintained this meager blog, I have featured Keith's screeds against President Bush, morality, sanity, and truth. I've always kinda laughed at him...he is funny (not funny "ha ha"...just funny like your insane old lady neighbor across the street that mows her grass in a bikini in Janaury).

I must admit that I really got a full blown case of the reds when I was searching YouTube for "Paul Harvey" videos. One of them was Keith proclaiming that Paul Harvey was the "Worst of the Worst." Now can pick on "W" all you want...and you can do your regular bathroom stuff on your miserable cable TV program that almost nobody watches all you want...but when you start messing with Mr. Harvey...well, you need prayer.

So, I'm asking all 7 of y'all that read this blog to pray for Keith. The boy is going to hell if he don't have an epiphany soon.

Ann Coulter, who is a better woman than I am, just took out the sharp knife to Olbermann. If he's got testicles left I'd be surprised. Read it...Read it...Read it! You know, the only thing worse than a Wiseacre, is a delusional Wiseacre.

And that's a danged shame! He was a Sports guy at one time (I guess he sucked so bad at sportscasting that they put him in NEWS...I guess he's got some pictures of NBC execs with sheep or something)...but Ann beat him down like a redheaded stepchild.

I'm half-kidding, and half-serious. Nobody should go to hell...nor should they live their life with so much hatred in their heart!

Even a horse's ass stops dumping once in a while. Maybe during his down-time, Keith will respond to our prayers, and the tugging of The Good Lord.


  1. As a general rule, I don't keep up with the political ideology programs, but I did tune in to see Keith early on because I didn't believe the person that told me Keith got another show after they kicked him off the Four Letter. I mean, come one, if you get kicked off ESPN, Taco Bell wouldn't want you.

    He does and I was shocked. I could not conceive that anyone with any money at all would put Keith back on television, so I checked out MSNBC. Steve Balmer has been trying to shut that station down since 1998. But, Microsoft's investment is so convoluted that Balmer finally just gave up of trying to extract MS from the deal. The station has never NOT LOST at least forty million a year. And the losses are escalating, too.

    I got a post somewhere about it, I'll see if I can dig that up. Just so you know, your seven readers out numbers Keith's viewership in proportion.

  2. TD: If you can dig up the post, I'd like to read it.

    I reckon 7 still outnumbers 6 others...

    I'm proud...

  3. Andy, please forgive me, but I channeling the smarty-pants, Mrs. Andy today. Try this link, it's the top post:

    And beware, there is a little bit of language that I missed in confessional there.

  4. If the above link doesn't work correctly, try this:

  5. Nobody should go to hell...nor should they live their life with so much hatred in their heart!

    KO is beyond redemption. I know that's not in keeping with Christian thought, but so be it. I'm Buddhist, anyway. The asshat Olbermann will be reincarnated as a hemorrhoid.

    veriword: coateds. As in "KO will spend his next life coateds in Preparation H."

  6. Heh! Preparation H...good preparation for Hell, I reckon.

    Mr. Buddhist, I'm up WAY past my bedtime...long story. I see a comment left by some Exile on current biness. I'm gonna click over and then hit the sack.


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