Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Granny Laura!

I was writing a check this morning, and realized that this is my Granny Laura's birthday!

She was my Great Grandmother, and my Great Friend. I don't have time to write a fitting tribute to her, so I will just say that she left her mark on this world...and left her mark on me!

She was born, Laura Farque down in Acadiana, near DeQuincy, LA on Sept. 30, 1890, and passed on to Heaven in late 1994. If you ain't good at math, that's 104 years. I had my Great Grandmother until I was 35 years old. Ain't that something? She was my domino partner until she was 102, and still as sharp as a razor. I miss her every day.

She was about 90 when I took this photo on the deck of her house overlooking Caddo Lake in Mooringsport, LA, where she lived most of her adult life. Too many stories in such a rich life to tell.

Laura Farque Newland

Happy Birthday Granny! Eat some cake...


  1. My momma told the preacher that when she died, she had instructions for me to buy a big old silver fork to place on her chest. He asked why? She told him that she had gone to church dinners her entire life and they always said save your fork, dessert's coming. MUD

  2. She looks a bit ornery. I think you probably take after her.

  3. That's cute MUD. I'm remembering that one.

    Staci, she was ornery. She was left a young widow with 6 children (some were young adults). She held it together through WWII with the girls while the boys all went to war.

    And her whole family was/is just about as ornery. "Principled stubbornness" is the term I prefer. ;)

  4. 90 when the pic was taken? What a beautiful woman.

  5. Patrick, you have no idea...

    If I were able to do it justice, I would write the history of her life. I didn't mention that she was not quite 5' tall...but man, did she make up for her small stature with "gumption."

    You are right Patrick...she was a beautiful woman. Man, the old photos of her when she was a young my day, we'd call her a "stone fox."

    She will always be a beauty in my heart...


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