Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday Morning Quarterback...(week 3)

Well youngsters, I gots some nuze you can uze! The nuze is that Andy don't know much squat about college football. Let us review my picks...

Texas v. Texas Tech
- Going out on a limb... The Red Raiders upset the #2 Horns 34 - 24 in Austin.

Wrong! Actually, I hit the score square on the noggin, but assigned 'em to the wrong teams. More nuze you can uze...Texas ain't that good...certainly not the #2 team in the nation.

Ole Miss v. SE Louisiana - SE gives #5 Ole Miss more than they expect, but the Rebs prevail in Oxford by 21.

Of course Ole Miss was gonna beat SE Louisiana. But dang...52 - 6? I'm pretty sure that it could have been 152 to 6. I'm telling y'all, Timbow and his Gators better be ready for the Rebs.

Even though I was 25 points shy on the spread, I'm taking a "right" on this one. As you will see, I'm gonna need it.

Stinkin' Arkansas v. Georgia - The Hogs upset #23 Georgia in Fayetteville, and gain 300 plus yards in the air.

Wrong! Good grief...I'm wondering if this was a "6-man" matchup. The Hogs and Dogs racked up over 1,000 (count 'em) yards in total offense. Arkansas alone had 408 yards passing. But fell to Georgia 52-41.

BYU v. Florida State - #7 BYU humiliates Bowden's Seminoles in Provo, 42 - 10.

I do not have a category for "So wrong that I may never make another pick." But if I did, this one would head the list. Man...Florida State racked up 313 yards rushing (yes, you read that right). And another 199 in the air. Folks, this honestly is a stunner to me. Oh well...

A win like this might just save Bowden's job, and keep him at FSU for another 30 or so years.

LSU v. University of Louisiana Lafayette - My beloved #9 Tigers school the Ragin' Cajuns from Lafayette (who are MUCH improved this season) in Death Valley. At least a 30 point win.

Yawn... LSU downs ULL 31-3. It ain't 30 points, but 28 is close enough. I'm calling it a "right."

USC v. Washington - Normally no game between two Pac-10 teams interests me, but this one does. The Huskies shock the Rubbers in Seattle, ruining the #3 team's season. The win comes late, and by 2 points.

I am a stinkin' football genius! And quite possibly the happiest college football fan in the land today. The Huskies win by 3...and very, very late in the game. It was just as I envisioned it, but I thought it would be a late field goal with the Huskies down by 1.

I'm a genius. A seer. A Svengali by golly!

Never doubt me.

To wrap up Sunday Morning Quarterback, William & Mary went to 3-0 with a win over Norfolk State 27-15. Go Tribe! And Slippery Rock dropped their first of the season to Edinboro 28-24. Sigh...

So, I got 3 "right," 2 "wrong," and 1 "So wrong that I may never make another pick." Which brings my season average down to a meager .750. Actually, the BYU loss should count as a double wrong, so we'll call it .733.

But, picking the Rubbers' upset should go as a triple right. So, I'm standing at .815.

Y'all have a good Sunday. Got the 'Boys tonight against Eli and his midgets. I can't barely wait.


  1. Andy, most astute bloggers would have simply gone back to your original pick post and changed the Tejas v. Tee-Tee pick, if they got the number right. Again, I point out Lesson Number Uno of picking college footbaw, being honest makes you look silly.

    I am terribly happy that Moses and his merry band of Criminoles beat the MoreMens. Maybe we will not have to hear about the white guys anymore.

    And uSCCC? Bwa...bwa...bwa...bwa...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH!!!!!

  2. Paul, if you think being honest makes me look silly, you ought to see what being dishonest does...

    And do not slight Moses like that. Bobby is more like Methusela...

    Paul I knew you were a RACIST, but I did not know that you were a black supremecist. You have finally tipped your hand...

  3. *POP* goes the Trojan...

    Andy, yer a genius! And William & Mary are 3-0??? WHERE THE FORK ARE THEY ON THE BsCS or in the Top 25???

    It's another Barry FAIL!!!


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