Friday, October 2, 2009

Saturday picks...

I know y'all been "waiting all week for Friday afternoon!" As a public service, I provide you my picks for Saturday college football. Don't bother to thank me.

I called last Saturday as "Upset Sattidy," and was I ever right! As usual. Here is where to put your money.

#1 Florida, and #2 Texas will not lose in an upset this week. They will both destroy Idle, probably by more than 140 points between 'em.

#3 'Bama @ KYjelly - Sabin & the Tide add insult to the already injured Mildcat pride. 40 point victory for the guys in the red. (Unless St. Nick has pity, and reins in the hosses...those guys are goooooooooood!)

#4 my Beloved LSU Tigers @ UGA (who btw have the ugliest mascot...of the same name... in all of college football...and the ugliest cheerleaders...and worst pansified, whiny coach...and a band that makes you long for swift death) - This one does not have me worried like the MS State game did last week. We will be in Athens, and not in Starkville. My beloved Tigers will play their best game of the season, and down the #18 Bulldogs 30 - 13.

#7 USC @ #24 Cal - The Trojans believe that they have patched up their holes...but not so! The Golden Bears got their hineys handed to 'em by the Ducks, and are spoiling to prove that USC is just the Rubber version. Let me give you a "picking hint"...NEVER pick USC in a big game, unless they are playing some worthless piece of junk from the opposed to playing some worthless piece of junk from the pac-10. Cal 17 - USC 10.

#8 Oklahoma @ #17 Miami - This is the University of Miami...not the Miami, OK High School Wardogs. But it would not matter if it was. The Sooners win by 40 with a backup QB, destroying the myth that there is really a team worth watching in the ACC. And don't give me any "Virginia Tech is real good" junk. They are in the ACC, and even being the best of a conference that sucks means that you still suck.

The only other game that interests me is:

#25 GA Tech @ MS State - This one interests me because I think MS State is better than advertised. And GA Tech, even though ranked, is from a conference that sucks. This is one of the two upsets we will see this weekend. State beats Tech 24 - 10 in Starkville. (Probably causing riots that will destroy most of the town)

In a final note, let me give some big "attaboys" to my LA Tech Bulldogs. Coach Derrick Dooley (yes, he is Vince's boy) needed a win...and boy, did he get one! Tech opened up a 36 ounce can of whupass on the Rainblo Warriors of Harwaya before a national TV audience on Wednesday night! Folks, 352 yards rushing is impressive, even if it is against Hula boys.

Good on ya' Corch! Good on ya' 'Dogs!

Well, y'all enjoy the games! Don't get a heart attack or nothin' if your team gets the crud stomped out of 'em...okay?


  1. God bless ya, Andy, for picking the boys from Oklahoma. I knew you is a good guy! Yee Haw!!!

    I say the Hurricane(s) hit land by halftime and the Sooners stake a claim in Miami. Yay!

  2. Staci, I just calls 'em like I sees 'em. Regardless, I appreciate your blessing from God, and receive it!

    OK is so much better than The U that OU should probably think about dropping the "U." It would be appropriate if the Sooners just used some white shoe polish, and blanked out "U" from any gameday clothing.

    It will be a murder of prosecutorial proportions. (I'm not sure what that means...but it's gonna be bad for Myamu).

  3. William & Mary win by 4007 over whomever is stupid enough to play 'em...University of Pantywaste this week, right?


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