Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It seems that a group of "Physics" majors at stinkin' Arkansas...

...ran their vehicle in a ditch on the way to a tailgate party.

Now, there's nothing odd about that. Heck, the average Hog fan does that 6, maybe 7 times a month. But, there is something just wrong about this video. This dufus, and his fellow dufi, have broken one hard and fast rule of Arkansas vehicle operation. You're supposed to carry a come-along in your trunk for just such occasions. You don't have to wear a seat belt, or get a vehicle inspection...but carry a come-along, dangit!

And besides that, don't these morons know that if they just wait a couple of minutes, somebody with a power winch bolted to their front bumper will be along? Somebody's gonna get killed! That would be a shame for sure, but it would help clean up the gene pool.


And while we're on Hog Tailgaters, I understand that this next fellow is in high demand. I started to say something ugly about just "where" this fellow's particular talent is most appreciated on game day. But, I reckon I'll let y'all figure it out...

Woo Pig Sooie!


  1. On that first video, Andy, we in the fire service, call that "Job Security!" Folks like that keep us employeed! In that second one, that's just scary!


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