Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sometimes "Jailbirds" get confused...

I pinched this video from my blogging buddy MUD.

Now, do I think Martha Stewart should have gone to jail? Honestly, NO! I mean, if I was in her shoes I'd have probably done the same danged thing. Of course, my loss would have meant "financial ruin," as compared to the pittance she would have lost...but I still don't think she deserved a reservation at the Graybar Hotel, but I digress.

Watch this video.

MUD makes the point, "Martha says Sarah Palin is dangerous and her message is all over the place, and yet Martha says you couldn't pay her to listen. Clearly one or the other is true."

I reckon that her time in stir robbed her of clarity of thought.

Go over and read MUD's whole post. He's got a funny observation about news coverage of the dynamics of wins and losses, too.

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  1. Doesn't it make ya wonder... I mean REALLY wonder... how some liberals get rich?


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