Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Look! A picture of a dog dressed like an injun, and a cat dressed like a pilgrim! Now, that's just plain cute!

My friends, I am grateful to God today. I am blessed among men. From early childhood, I recognized just how blessed I was. I grew up in a stable, loving, Christian home with parents that are truly second to none. I love them so.

I met the girl of my dreams while still in high school, and she has been my steady gal, and truly my steady rock for 33 years now. We have four wonderful sons, and two of them have found their life-mates, who are also blessings to this clan.

As the challenges of life arise, it is truly heartening to be able to "count my blessings, and name them one by one." We've sure had our ups and downs...emotionally, financially, family issues, etc. I guess we're not any different than everyone else. I'm grateful to God that He has brought us through them all, and that we can trust Him to keep us no matter what comes "next."

Since this is a blog (kinda), I want to wish all my blogging friends the happiest of days today...really every day. I am thankful for you all. When I started blogging a couple of years ago, I had no idea that I would meet (virtually), and become so connected to other bloggers. I appreciate all of y'all. I appreciate that you visit Andy's Place, and that you put up with my foolishness on your corner of the cyberworld.

I love your blogs, and the other visitors. The conversation is good, enriching, and sometimes just dang funny.

I am reluctant to do this, because I know I'll leave someone out, but each of you has become very special to me. I enjoy reading about the things you are interested in. I appreciate you sharing your life with me. I gain strength & hope for the future, just knowing that you are out there...that we're all in this together...that we're not alone.

If I leave you out, it's the advancing age deal...nothing personal...

Cosmic & Dadman (virtual friends, and buddies from High School, who got me interested in blogging).

Patrick Conlon

Mean ol' meany (Paul Mitchell, previously known as "Two Dogs" before he came out of the first real "virtual" friend)





ChristinaJade The Conservative Hippie Chick.


The Mayor of Mitchieville (and all that post, Rocky, Nurse Nancy, NurseKate...see, I'm leaving someone out, dangit!) Oh'll come to me. Oh yeah, Fenris Badwulf...only took me an hour to remember.


Captain Curt




And to all that visit Andy's Place (now, I can't list y'all all, but you know who you are), I am thankful for you one, and all. I mean it.

Oh yeah, I am especially thankful for one other thing. That thing would be that I was not born 45 miles to the north of where I was. Y'all can figure that out. I made it clear that I was taking Thanksgiving Day off from being ugly about one particular place, which shall remain nameless.

Well, I've rambled on. I just wanted to share my thanks with y'all. And, show you that really cute picture of a dog dressed like an injun, and a cat dressed like a pilgrim. Now, go eat...but don't make a stinkin' hog out of yourself (oops!).


  1. Haha! It's a dog and cat dressed up as people from antiquity. Dude, have a great day and eat a HAWG.

  2. We savin' the hawg for Sattidy...

    Thanks man, you have a great one, too.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Andy. You ARE truly blessed.

  4. Joyful Turkey Holiday to you, Andy! Hint: take the Rolaids about 20 minutes between the 2nd and 3rd plates. I have just discovered this handy trick. :)

  5. I has been a pleasure getting to know you, Andy.
    The pic is the perfect touch for today. :)

  6. CJ & Nancy, thanks so much. It's been a hoot getting to know both of you. Two really cool dog-loving gals...what could be better?

  7. Thanks, Andy. I certainly feel the same way. There are so many people I've met online and offline that I consider my friends. There are also a few people I want to murder in cold blood. But you aren't one of them.


    Keep your nose clean if you know what's good for ya.

    Your buddy,

    The Mayor

    **Hey, Nancy, how are you?

  8. Thanks for the shout out, Andy. Happy belated Thanksgiving to you and the clan. As you know we had an interesting Thanksgiving this year spending the day in La Jolla, CA preparing for my daughter's wedding on Friday the 27th. As you know my daughter asked me to officiate her marriage which I successfully did in front of 60 guest on one of the most beautiful spots on God's green earth. I did not lose my composure as I (and you) feared I might. Not sure how I managed it, but I did. I guess God blessed me to ensure I did make a mess of my daughter's special day.

    I was a great occasion. I'll provide pictures and more details later.

    Love ya,

  9. Didn't make a mess. Jeez, I hate typos...


Don't cuss nobody out, okay?