Tuesday, December 1, 2009

11 - 0?

I've never really been a Saints fan. I remember too well the "baghead" days in the Dome. But, they're definitely the class of the NFC. And, Sean Payton is obviously headed for a fabulous career in the NFL. He's got 'em believing. 11-0? Yep!

NEW ORLEANS -- The best thing you can do when you get to a place you haven’t been before is act like you have.


  1. Speaking of footbaw, you think Les might get himself a new job? Maybe Notre Dame or FlaState?

  2. Nah...the Arkie win saved him. If he didn't take Michigan a couple of years ago, he sure won't take ND. I was hoping, but I doubt it'll happen.

    And Bobby's job would be a step down...ACC & all.

  3. Ummm. Andy. Hell freezes over EVERY year. Without fail. ;-)


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