Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009 was...


At 50 years of age, I have discovered that the old folks were right when they said that time passes much more quickly as you get older. (I know exactly why that phenomenon occurs, but I won't take time to share it with you right now.)

But, at least in my world...this year seemed to be one of the longest I have lived in a good while. Not sure why. I imagine it is due to my discontent with our government (at almost every level), and the Bozos that wake up every morning figuring out new and creative ways to screw us to a pole.

You might be asking yourself what Insect Festival 2009 has to do with this post. Absolutely nothing. I just bet you didn't know they had one of their own, so I posted it to prove it to ya'. Learned something today, didn't ya'? Don't bother to thank me.

A good chuckle came my way this morning when I read Dave Barry's year in review: 2009

While I don't share Barry's opinion that the demise of newspapers is a bad thing, I found the piece very entertaining. I hope you will, too.

It was a year of Hope -- at first in the sense of ``I feel hopeful!'' and later in the sense of ``I hope this year ends soon!''

It was also a year of Change, especially in Washington, where the tired old hacks of yesteryear finally yielded the reins of power to a group of fresh, young, idealistic, new-idea outsiders such as Nancy Pelosi. As a result Washington, rejecting ``business as usual,'' finally stopped trying to solve every problem by throwing billions of taxpayer dollars at it and instead started trying to solve every problem by throwing trillions of taxpayer dollars at it.

(Go read the whole thing. You'll want to thank me...but don't bother.)


  1. Bwahahahahaha! I laughed until I could not breathe.

  2. Yeah Buck, I am a true fan of Dave Barry's work. I have often linked to his stuff.

    Rare talent, for sure.


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