Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Week...Wednesday junk

Once upon a time (way, way back...but not really...) there was this guy named Andy. And, he decided to make an offer to everyone who has access to the world-wide computer.

It went like this:

Okay, I will give anybody an airplane ticket (round trip), a two night's stay at the 'Horseshoe Casino and Hotel' in Bossier City, a limo ride to my house (and anywhere else you'd like to go beforehand), and THREE WHOLE DOLLARS (American) if you will just show up here and blow my brains out.

I'll provide the .45 to accomplish it. It is registered to me, so it can't be traced back to you. You can just jump back in the limo...head back to the SHV Airport, and wing your way back home. You will get back home for Christmas before my lifeless (happy) body is reported to the Po-leese.

Trust me, you will! Trust me.

You can even take a roll of The Mrs. world famous cheese log, seeing as they'll have some extra with me dead.

I had showed y'all my Angel Trumpet...but now it looks like this.

Have I mentioned before that I hate cold weather?

I started to prune the ugly thing at the ground, but The Mrs. was like " didn't come back out tall and pretty this year, because you cut it down way too early last winter. You've got to let all the sap run back into the ground before you cut it. Moron!" So, I'll have to keep looking at that ugly thing for a while.

Now, this is cool! Talk about a Christmas block party! A group of neighbors in Murietta, California decided to put on a Christmas light presentation. I'm thinking that at least one of those neighbors on Bainbridge Circle has some expertise in this kind of junk.

My #3 son's future mother-in-law is coming in today from Tennessee to spend Christmas with her daughter (and us). I like her a lot. She and The Mrs. get along well. I think #3 son is a little nervous, because it's been several years since he's seen her, and he was just in Junior High Middle School. But, it will be fine. She loves her daughter, and if her daughter loves Phil, so will Mom.

Well, y'all have a good Wednesday! I love y'all! I really do.


  1. I think that it is cute when couples have pet names for each other, yet the one Mrs. Andy has for you must be an inside joke or something.

  2. Actually, her pet name for me is well-known to everyone within earshot.

  3. I'm thinking if I lived on Bainbridge Circle I'd be in jail by December 25th, assuming that music is broadcast every night until... oh... say midnite... on those supremely irritating outdoor speakers. Further assuming I didn't decamp for the season, which I probably would.


    The lights are pretty, though.


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