Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dang...what a nice surprise for a homer!!!

And, what a thoughtful gesture!

I have told y'all about my #3 son's fiance', and how much The Mrs. and I love her. She lives right next door to us, and is already like part of the clan. Wonderful girl!

We have known her Mother for years. She was in the Air Force, stationed here at Barksdale, and our kids had known each other in school. She and The Mrs. became friends. Little did we know that one day a couple of our kids would fall for each other.

But, I had never met her Father. He is also a recently retired Air Force guy, who settled back near his home on the Kentucky/Tennessee line. A couple of weeks ago, he and his wife came to Bossier to visit their daughters, and I suppose to kinda' "check out" her future family in the process.

And, I'll tell y'all...we hit it off famously! Her Daddy is a real "good ole' boy." Interestingly, he worked his entire Air Force career in intelligence, and had a broad knowledge of what my eldest son has in store for him as a Chinese Linguist. He was able to give me some really good info about "what/where/when" is likely to happen with #1 son, seeing as he worked very closely with that Linguistics crowd.

In the short time I had to visit with them, I was able to let them know just how thrilled we are to have their daughter in our son's life. Truthfully, I told them that if I had gone out looking hard for a young lady to marry one of my sons, I could never have picked a better one.

(Those two kids' story is truly the stuff that Hollywood makes movies about...I may sit down and share it all one's kinda like football...a game of inches & instant replays. It involved a broken down car, a hurricane, and a Summer with a house full of displaced teenagers living at Andy's Place. I'll write it out one day, but I digress.)

Speaking of football...I knew that I was gonna like her Daddy & StepMom when about 10 minutes into our first visit, the conversation turned to football. Southeastern Conference Football! It seems that they are both SEC homers. They are Tennessee fans, so it's been a dry spell for 'em...but as all true SEC homers, they can be consoled, as long as the SEC ends up on top. In fact, their goal is to see every SEC team play a bowl game, and they're doing pretty good on it.

Of course, being the LSU/SEC homer that I am...we had PLENTY to visit about.

Well, that was a long story...on to the nice surprise.

So, I go out to get the mail on Monday, and find a package. Said package is addressed to us, and it is from our son's future parents-in-law.

And, inside is this:

It is a beautiful LSU "Purple & Gold" afghan that was knitted by StepMom. Can you believe that? Now, I don't know jack about "knitting," except that Momma always told me to "tend to your own...", but I've gotta figure that it took many, many, many hours for her StepMom to craft that for me The Mrs.

I'll tell y'all...and I ain't kidding...It really put me in the "Christmas Spirit." I'm thinking of taking up knitting myself. I might go get me a book, and some of them pointy deals & start with some orange knitting string, or something...ya' know...kinda return the love!

I'll let y'all know how it turns out.


  1. Remember Stallone Knitted in Demolition Man!

  2. You're pretty handy, I think you can figure it out. Just do not wear a shawl while knitting in your rocking chair, it is already gay enough for a man to do.

  3. re: the afghan... Cool! The love story would be neat to read, as well. I'm a sucker for those sorts of things... especially when they work out.

  4. TD, I am secure enough in my manhood to knit. I'm sure my efforts will be highly-prized, and maybe even win a ribbon at the State Fair.

    Paul, what you said!

    Buck, it really is quite a story. But I'm gonna encourage future daughter-in-law to do the honors. She is an English Major, and a fine writer. Plus, she's got mo' details...if ya' know what I mean.


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