Sunday, December 6, 2009

Got a bug...

Hey y'all...I would give y'all hugs, kisses, and all...but I'm probably contagious.

I hate being sick.

I woke up Saturday morning with the creepin' crud. Chills, shakes, stomach trying to decide which way to shoot Friday night's supper, sore throat, headache...the whole ball of wax. I think I got the Hong Kong flu, seeing as I went to a chink restaurant on Friday.

Spent almost all of Saturday in the recliner under a blanket, but felt well enough to eat some fabulous Black Bean & Wild Rice Stuffed Peppers that The Mrs., and our future daughter-in-law teamed up on.

I hate being sick, and I would have been ticked off, if I had not had some very good football games to watch as I stared slit-eyed toward the altar of the football gods. I had picked 'Bama by 14 over The Gates, but I shot low. That was fun. I'll tell y'all, I. LIKE. NICK. SABAN. It was quite possibly the darkest day in LSU football history when he left for Miami. He is a fine man...the kind of man that kids want to play for. I just look for the program to get better and better. Congrats to Nick & the boyz!

I had also picked Nebraska over Texas by 10. Valiant effort Bo...I'm telling y'all to keep a sharp eye on Pelini & The Huskers in seasons to come. Oh well, if 'Bama brings their A-game, Texas is gonna find out what a real butt-kicking feels like. We'll see.

I see in the news that folks are making a big deal about Timbow's crying. Heck, he ain't the first. He gives a damn, so it hurts.

I must say that I felt almost "healed" when they cut in to show more proof that USC sucks. The mighty Rubbers finish in a tie for 5th. In the pac-10. I can not figure a way to type the belly laugh that I feel right now.

I konked out before the other games ended, but it didn't matter...the real football had finished.

I'm feeling some better this morning. I'm definitely on the mend.

Heh Heh Heh! My mighty Tribe of William & Mary put it on the worthless Salukis. I mean, opened up a full can of it on 'em. We're going to the semis baby!

Well, I ain't dead y'all. I'm gonna pack it in for the afternoon here in a while. Gonna watch the Saints at noon. I ain't a real Saints fan, but they're playing the stinkin' Injuns, and I hate them. Growing up a Cowboy fan, it was a which I still adhere to.

Y'all have a good Sunday. Go do a good deed, or give something to the poor, or something...


  1. Get better, Andy. Do you think you've got a case of the piggie flu?

  2. Sorry you're under the weather. You look awfully bloated but not as bloated as that Anti-Carjacking Device.

  3. Thanks guys. Yeah, I had actually lost a lot of weight by the time that photo was shot.

    Pat, what I've got is nothing like yours. Pam's worried about ya'.

  4. I'm thinkin' Les and Mack went to the same school of late game clock management... Have you ever screamed at your teevee? I mean REALLY yelled at it? That was me last night...

    There was some superior football on yesterday. Two games decided by one point and The Team I Love To Hate got a serious beat down. Don't get much better'n that!

    Get well soon, Andy!

  5. Thanks Buck. Yes, it was enjoyable. Not having a dog in any fight, I was pulling for upsets on all fronts. And, without an out-of-bounds kickoff & help, Mack's Horns would not have to face the prospect of getting their butts whipped by 'Bama.

    Thanks again man.

  6. Dude, quit being a sissy. You are acting just like Timbow. That grass ain't gonna cut itself, you know?

  7. Yeah well...the frost cut the grass for me for the last time this year. I hate cold weather...

  8. Bama was very impressive against Florida, and Clayton probably won himself the Heisman trophy.


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