Friday, December 25, 2009

"Home" for Christmas...

I will wish you each and every one a Merry Christmas on this day. I started to write a post for Christmas, and decided to look back at what I had written last Christmas.

I think I said it pretty well last year. A couple of facts are different this Dec. 25. Three of my sons, and one daughter-in-law, and a daughter-in-law to be are here this year. The young man that lives with us (he's been here 3 years now) has gone to Virginia for Christmas to be with friends. But that's about all that is different.

I still feel the same way about being "home" for Christmas.

Y'all have a blessed one. I love you each and every one...even Mr. Anonymous that calls me ugly names, and the chink that leaves spam about viagra. I mean it.


  1. There is a new drug that combines Viagra and Ginko Biloba. If the viagra doesn't work, you can at least remember what it was like to have an erection. Merry Christmas from the land of blowing snow. There is nothing between here and the North Pole except a barb wire fence somewhere in North Dakota. Keeps the damn buffalo from migrating south. MUD

  2. Merry Christmas to you, Pam, and the family, Andy.

    I read your "home" post from last year and I agree: there's NO place like home, especially for the holidays. I hope your Christmas is warm, peaceful, and full of joy.

  3. MUD, thanks! Gave me a giggle as I head off to The Mrs. In-law's.

    Buck, thanks man. It's been peaceful, and full of joy. Warm...not so much.

    Y'all have a great one.

  4. Merry Christmas deluded SEC homer dude...nyuk!!

  5. Aaaah Dadman, you always put a grin on my face. Thanks for the kind wishes...back at ya'!

    Love, Homer

  6. Hope it's been a great day, Homer.


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