Monday, December 28, 2009

I hope that boy remembered his sweater...

Well, eldest son, and his wife took off yesterday for Omaha, NE. They made it to her Grandma's house in Ravia, OK about 7 pm, and will head on out either today, or tomorrow for their new station.

I think the roads should be clear by now, but DANG! Y'all ain't in Monterey anymore, younguns!

Check out Thursday and Friday...

(click on it)

I'm gonna quit bitchin' about being cold. Probably. Maybe. Probably not...


  1. I had to look up Ravia, Oklahoma; I for sure did not know where that was. Yay! I have learned something new today! One of these days I'll have to tell the story of ending up in St. Louis while trying to get from Stillwater to Holdenville.

    More snow coming for the Okies tomorrow. This last time (Christmas Eve) they initally predicted 2 inches, I believe, and it turned out being 14. The weatherman apparently uses my "dog weather" calendar also? This time they are predicting a "dusting" or "light snow" so I suppose that means there'll be 7 inches. Life is fun!

  2. Staci, Ravia is TINY! It's near Tishomingo....and not on most maps. I went through there to pick up some furniture that Daugher-in-law's Grandma was sending to them in California.

    I had directions, and couldn't find it.

  3. Heh. Your SN1 should be glad he works inside those RC-135s instead of on 'em. Just thinking about the Offutt flight line at this time of year gives me the willies.

    I shall to continue to bitch about cold weather right along witcha, Andy. Someone has to do it. ;-)

  4. Buck, Yep! Man, I have often heard about how rotten it is to work on B-52s in Minot. We have them here at Barksdale, so guys transfer back and forth.

    As uninteresting as Bossier City is, our 105 F summers beat the living snot out of their -20 F winters.

    Okay, since you give the all clear, I'll keep bitching about it.


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