Thursday, December 31, 2009

So, just how bad IS the Pac-10? #53 (Updated...I'm a monor!)

(Update) In the comments, Buck said, "Andy you are a moron! OU won over Stanford, you idiot!" Of course, I know, because I watched the game. I meant to write, "OU was unable to avoid a win over the Red thingy..." Sigh. (End of update)

I just finished watching the Sun Bowl. As an uninterested observer, I can say for sure that Stanford has just become "exhibit F" in our quest to discover just how bad the Pac-10 is.

Just watching from the outside, I realized that almost EVERYONE in El Paso wanted Stanford to win this game. Stanford's miserable excuse for a football team did, of course. The referees (I'm sure highly bribed) did. The "replay" jokers in the booth (I'm assuming also highly bribed) did.

And, at times it seemed that the OU players wanted Stanford to win...making some of the most bone-headed, flag-waving plays I have seen in a long time.

Despite racking up something like 1,400 yards on offense to Stanford's...what...72?...maybe, and smashing some supposed "Heisman" candidate's ribs to jelly...

...OU was unable to avoid a loss to the Red thingy (I still don't know if it's a bird, or a color).

Let us remember, my friends, that this Stanford team (that OU tried really hard not to beat today) destroyed the Rubbers of USC by 34 points not long ago.

This Stanford team was 6-3 in the Pac-10, beat USC, and actually beat the Pac-10 champion, Oregon Ducks. So, I must assume that true "parity" has been achieved in the Pac-10. And that assumption leads me to the further assumption that a team that finishes in a tie for 3rd place in the Big 12 South (If I've lost you, I'm talking about the Sooners) can mop up the field with ANY team in the Pac-10, regardless of how deep the cards are stacked against 'em...and their own stupid mistakes...and all. (Man...that was a long sentence)

So, I conclude that no team in the Pac-10 would ever finish better than fifth place in either the Big 12 North, or Big 12 South.

Of course, they would not even finish as high as "last place" in the SEC (east, or west), because they would never be admitted. Just sayin'...

Happy New Year Y'all!

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that the Pac-10 sucks.


  1. Andy: OU won... 31 - 27. Unless ESPN is wrong; I didn't watch the game... I did AF - Houston and Navy - Mizzou instead.

  2. Well crap Buck. I meant to write that OU was unable to avoid a "win" over Stanford.


  3. That is the Sooner God just jackin' with ya, Andy. He of course jacked with you MORE when LSU, coached by Homeaux Miles, took to the field.

  4. Staci, TRIPLE SIGH...Hey, congrats on your Sooners. Good win! Highly inferior opponent, but I'm sure it feels good anyhow.

    I remember those days of winning bowl games. Crud...


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