Thursday, December 3, 2009

Something I'm curious about...

With all the hullabaloo over the alleged affairs of Tiger Woods, I thought I'd sample all 7 billion of y'all that visit Andy's Place. I will leave this poll up all night.

You can vote "Other," and in the "Please specify" box you can 'splain just exactly what "Other" means. Please participate, so that I can be sure I've got a broad enough sample to draw statistical conclusions.

Have you ever had an affair with Tiger Woods?
Not yet
I ain't a queer
I'm a queer, but no
Please Specify:
ugg boots


  1. Heh. The results were interesting.

  2. Well Buck, we're early into the poll. I am looking forward to the results by tomorrow morning.

    Hope you voted...

  3. Somehow I think that folks aren't really getting the question and are just posting their racial biases.

    Yes, I voted and really have no problem at all with the Scandinavian folks, you cannot get whiter than them.

  4. You should have had "yes, but I thought he was Barack Obama" on your list....

  5. Heh! This is my first poll ever Cosmic...cut me some slack...I'm learnin' about polls here.

    LOL...I'll do better next time.


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