Sunday, January 10, 2010

All better now...

Pipe repaired...insulation applied...duct tape double applied.

Now, back to html hell...

It's good to be me.

Hey, before the weekly stats disappear, I think I'll show y'all what web traffic looks like for a puny blogger who has been Instalanched.

Look familiar? Kinda like the blogoverse is giving me the finger...kinda the way my day has gone...

Well, back to revamping Daddy's biz-site...

Manana will be mucho mejor.


  1. That's the thing about Instalanches... you get a HORDE of folks following the original link and a few folks who come back post-Instalanche on days two and three, and then it's back to normal. It reminds me of "getting lucky" at the bar one Saturday night in my youth, only to drop back to normal in the ensuing weeks... ;-)

  2. Methinks that you should just e-mail Glenn your posts everyday. Those big boys like that crap, it makes them feel important. E-mail them to Stacy McCain, too.

  3. Heh!

    Paul, I think I'd rather get the sitemeter finger once in a blue moon than go to the trouble of e-mailing my worthless crap around. It was fun...and I don't mind getting the finger (even in the real world...people seem to do that to me a lot...especially when I'm driving. Go figure...).

    Buck, I never did get lucky at a bar. I've been to 'em, but the results could not any way be classified as "lucky."

    Like I always told my boys, "if you're gonna drink...drink at home."

  4. Hey... apropos of nothing... I just noticed the Chinese spam in your sidebar. Didja ever Babel-fish it? I did, and this is what I got:

    Because LSU is fearful at the rugby, I smile! And, you suck! !!!

    Heh. Who knew LSU had a rugby team?

  5. Actually I did, Buck. I'm thinking that THE BABELFISH translates "football" as rugby. And, that they translate "terrible" as "fearful."

    I'll have to ask my eldest son when I speak with him next. He knows that stuff.

    That was not was from an actual e-mail. I guess that because I am #1 on the Gooble in "don't trust China," I get loads of hate e-mail from the chinks.

    Things such as this let me know for sure that I am doing The Lord's work here.


  6. Things such as this let me know for sure that I am doing The Lord's work here.



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