Sunday, January 3, 2010

Everything you need to know to survive the coming economic collapse...

Well, maybe not everything. But, a whole bunch. I got a computer letter from Pea Green with dozens of links to free downloads of "survival" books.

Whether or not you intend to survive, you might find something of interest to you in these. I'll leave this posted until we are all booted off the world wide computer, so you can bookmark it for future reference if you care to.

Or, you might just want to copy the whole deal, and e-mail it to yourself for future reference, or whatever. Or maybe you don't care.

It is a loooooooong list, so I just made a separate post. There is much helpful information at no cost. Check it out!

Just a message in the public interest. As always, don't bother to thank me!


  1. Hey, Andy, have you ever read any of the blogs by the "Preppers", i.e. the folks who maintain a state of readiness for whatever happens? Very interesting.

    Or maybe the "agragarians" - they also are full of information about preparedness. I DID NOT KNOW that you could can hamburger in glass jars like it was jelly or something. Really.

  2. Hey Staci, we've been learning this stuff for 20 years now, though we hope we never need to use it.

    Oh yeah, my grandparents grew up eating "canned" meat...and I don't mean Spam. They canned everything...and we know how to. In fact, Pam used to can a lot of stuff, and will again if need be.

  3. It looked like a great idea to me. I follow a few of the agragarian blogs and just ran into a "prepper" the other day.

    I don't remember Mama doing much canning, other than plum jelly, pickles, and beets, but my aunt - she was a canning fool. Ever had pickled green tomatoes? good stuff.....


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