Monday, January 11, 2010

The Gooble is my friend...

Since I actually started tracking the visitors to Andy's Place, I have been truly amazed at how many Gooble searches this puny blog shows up at the top...both in image, and text searches.

The #1 image that is accessed is this 'un. And #2 is here. And, day after day, visitors come here searching, "Eli Manning Christian." Really...I ain't kidding. I mean, my "exclusive interview with Eli Manning" was a sorry attempt at humor.

Heck, I didn't even laugh at it.

But, we got a visitor today, and I found out that the Gooble is my friend, for sure.

Please note that we beat out " JUST! SAYIN'!

The world-wide computer is a funny thing, huh?


  1. I am going to guess that if Mrs. Andy finds out that you are tops for the search on Bammer cheerleaders, she might be somewhat displeased. Maybe to the point of taking disciplinary action.

  2. Heh! 'Bama cheerleader searches would be the least of my worries, if she saw the whole log...

    Besides, I ain't afraid of her. Much.

  3. Besides, I ain't afraid of her. Much.

    Heh. I've heard THAT before and I might even have said something similar in the way-back.

    Back on topic... yeah, the 'net IS a strange and wonderful thing!

  4. When I had a website, I periodically looked at my site hits, and from whenst they came. The ones from Lithuania and Zambia were the most curious.

    Since going 'blog', I haven't set up site tracking, and don't plan to. I measure it by actual comments, not by someone who found me by looking for "flatulating Pelosi platypus". I'm not sure I want to know in such cases...


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