Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

On January 1, 1955, two young kids eloped.

Don was a 19 year old hell-raiser, and Anne was a 17 year old brunette beauty who was stone cold struck with love for him. The two kids met in early November of 1954. Anne's mother was determined that her daughter was not going to ruin her life by getting hooked up with a poor boy with no "prospects." Anne's mother could not have imagined the diamond that would emerge from that chunk of coal.

Later on, Anne would tell me, "I'll swear, I was so in love with him that if he wouldn't marry me, I'd have just lived in sin with him. And, I still feel that way." So, after a 6 or 7 week courtship, Anne tricked her mother into signing "some papers she needed signed for school," which was really a parental permission for a minor to marry.

On New Year's Day, Don picked her up for a "date." They drove 30 miles east to Minden, Louisiana, where a friend of Don's knew a preacher that could keep his mouth shut. The vows were said, the preacher was thanked, 30 miles back to Shreveport and the Alamo Motel...and the deal was consummated. Then, Don got Anne back home a little after dark.

It would be a few months before their marriage was discovered when Don's little brother borrowed his car, and found the marriage license in the glove box. Of course, being a little brother and all, he immediately ran and told their mother.

Happy 55th anniversary, Momma and Daddy! They said it wouldn't last...

Anne and Don Reeves

I wish I could write a fitting tribute to my folks. But I am not wordsmith enough to do them justice. They are the most faithful, decent, and loving people one could ever dream to have as parents.

They have had success, and setbacks...stories too long to tell. They raised 4 reasonably sane and responsible children (if you count me). Their faith is strong, and their love is iron-band tight. Momma has had some health problems in the last few years, and is not as spry...but she pushes. At 74, Daddy still works every day in his own business, and can wear me out when we work on stuff at his apartments together.

I love 'em like nobody's business!

It is an honor to be their child. It is a blessing to be able to tell people who your folks are, and be able to hold your head high. Not everyone is so fortunate.

I think I'll quit now. I'd better. My keyboard is getting wet.


  1. I am not gonna tell you your business, but methinks that you are promoting bad behavior in your parents. I think a good scolding is in order for them.

    And just look at your pa, there is still rapscallion just oozing out. That boy ain't nothing but trouble.

  2. Happy Anniversary to your Momma and Daddy! 55 years together is testimony in and of itself... nothing else need be said. Congrats!

  3. Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!!! wait - Andy's mom and dad!! sorry - I fell in love with them because of what you wrote Andy...May the have 55 more!!!

  4. TD, Buck, and Julie, thank you for the kind words. They are special people for sure.

    And yes, TD, Daddy still has a touch of rapscallion...


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