Saturday, January 2, 2010

Just in case you've never seen an albino moose...

Okay, so I'm getting complaint computer letters that this blog is getting pretty boring, because of college football bowls and all. (as if it wasn't boring enough before)

So, how about an albino moose to liven things up? Nothing spices up a blog like a little albino moose, huh?

These pictures were shot near Marenisco, Michigan. I guess it's pretty rare to see an albino moose in Michigan. It's really rare to see one in Louisiana, btw.

So, I got these pictures of an albino moose...actually, the last picture has two of them. I'm assuming that it is so rare as to be unbelievable that you could see two albino moose at one time.

I figured y'all would be just as amazed as I am. Don't bother to thank me.

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  1. There is a story about an elk hunter that took his wife for her first hunt. The husband put his wife in a blocking position and was going to go around the hill to drive the elk to her. he warned her that out there in Whyoming, people will try to claim her kill and to be on guard. He heard a rifle shot and rushed back to find his wife pointing her rifle at a cowboy. The cowboy said, "Lady if you'll just let me get my saddle, you can keepo the dead horse."


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