Saturday, January 2, 2010

Some "touching" comments that I have received.

Hi y'all! Hugs, kisses, yada yada yada...

On the 2nd birthday of Andy's Place, I was looking back over the comments. I have gotten some awfully funny ones...especially from the PETArds.

But, I especially like these two, which coincidentally were made concerning the same post.

This one from May 21, 2008:

Anonymous said...

Well you must dont like Blacks either cause some black are chinese
You shouldn't judge others on physical appearence. Not everybody thinks the same.
And im Chinese and were not all bad people. So lets not assume that were all bad.

And, this little beauty from Dec. 13, 2009 (not even a month ago):

Anonymous said...

the term 'mongoloid' is extremely offensive and insensitive. reading this derogatory and ignorant piece of racist shit makes me sick in the stomach. thank god for change.

You will note that both Mr./Mrs./Ms./whatever Anonymous are extremely adroit at the use of the Engrish ranguage, and capitalization, punctuation, etc.

It is comments like these that really let me know that I'm doing God's work here. I think I shall persevere.


  1. "thank god for change"?? oh whatever.

    Happy New Year to ya, Andy. And sorry about the Tiggers. Not really, but I thought it would be a nice thing to say. :) If they were coached by anyone but Lesssie,
    I would probably like 'em better.

  2. Happy #2 Blog Birthday, Andy !
    you're a nice fellow and talented writer
    sincerely :)

  3. Nancy, I am blushing...truly I am. It could be the frigid weather, but I think it is a real blush.

    Love ya', kiddo. You da' bomb.

  4. LOL...I think you've found some of my email scammers, or just some really pathetic libtards there. The best ones (aka, most moronic) are always anonymous ;-)


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