Thursday, January 14, 2010

Teddy, dead at 59.

Okay, I know that Teddy had his problems. But, DANG! I just couldn't let his death pass without making note of it. You can look up Teddy on the world-wide computer, and find out all about his struggles.

But, DANG!


  1. There's been remakes, but NOBODY will EVER do that song like that again. Sounds like he means it, doesn't he?

    And, I hope nobody ever wears clothes like that again. My word, what was with the cropped top? heh heh

  2. Staci, YEP! On ALL COUNTS...sounds like he means it...nobody can match it...and nobody should wear them clothes (under penalty of law).

    The guy was goooooooood. I've already received more "nigger lover" e-mails since posting this.

    I have quite a following amongst the 62 IQ jailhouse crowd, it seems. Hmmmm. Teddy had it going on for sure. A rare talent...and just to inflame my haters, I might post some more Al Green, and Nat King Cole junk. I'll study on it...

  3. Speaking of Rev. Al... the NYT's obit mentioned Teddy, Al, and Marvin all in the same breath. I owe all three of those guys BIG time, coz they were the soundtrack and enablers to many, many a wonderful evening/night/morning back in my single days. Well, Hell... married, too!

    And Staci: one of the better things about my photo archives going missing... for the most part... is all those incriminating pics of me in the 70s have been lost. I'm forever thankful for that small favor.

  4. 'Bout the closest I can come to this is a lime green leisure suit.

    And as good as Teddy sings, Hunter Gibson and the Gator Band does this better. No lie.

    Sorry, Teddy. But, you shall be missed.

  5. Buck, those 3 sure moved a lot of Chevys.

    Paul, I'll have to look up Gibson...gotta hear that.

  6. All 7 readers of this blog should know that Andy used to wear florescent jumpsuits to high school back in the day when such things were fashionable. His buddies were green with envy.

    I love this song, btw. Thanks for posting. RIP Teddy...

  7. Do not waste your time trying to find Hunter Gibson's version, Andy, he's a local guy. He played at my last wedding. The only reason I allowed Carla to hire him was because he had "Drift Away" on his sample tape and I asked him to do this song. They put it together and it was awesome.

  8. Hey TD, I did find Hunter Gibson on The YouTube...not bad at all.

    I didn't find this song. Man, they do a broad range of stuff.

    Dadman: You gotta admit, it was bitchin'! ;)


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