Thursday, January 21, 2010


What does that mean?

Somebody said today that I was "teh stoopid." I know what stoopid is, but I don't know what "teh stoopid" is.

I'm not sure if I should be mad, or flattered. This computer lingo is confusing...


  1. Here's my guess....

    Someone that is trying, or is, a Cajun. They may be trying to say
    Tres Stupid. That would be a French English mixture. Tres means very.

    I suspect, in actuality, that the writer is really just a product of our sterling school systems. I really don't want to slam Cajuns, when it is probably just an illiterate that wrote to you.

  2. I don't know Walt...I see people writing "teh" all over the place on blog comments. I don't think it's all stoopid, illiterate coonasses.

    But, it could be. Not sure.

    I'm taking your thoughts under advisement though. I'll announce it if I find out different.

  3. It's an honorific, like "King" or "Emperor". It's an indicator of deep respect. To be "teh stoopid" is to be the King of Stupid. High honor indeed.

  4. It is l33t for THE. They have a tendency to typo. In other words, them kids are teh stoopid.

  5. Okay y'all thanks for clearing that up for me. I'm like royalty, but can't type. I think I'm more confused than when I asked.

    But thanks anyhow!

  6. The Urban Dictionary is your friend in these cases! From:


    Orginally started off as a typo for "the", but recently has changed a bit in meaning. "Teh" still means "the", however, it is mostly used in the same manner that spanish speaking people use the word "El".
    "I got two cookies with teh whipped cream!" makes sense, but "I got two cookies with the whipped cream!" doesn't. Get what I mean?

  7. Heh! And here I thought I was like royalty in the stoopid clan. Sigh.

  8. Wiki has a source that explains it.

    And wiserbud is just an ol' crumrudgeon. He means well, but he is a bit gruff sometimes.


  9. JW, thanks for the info link. Old guys like me learn things slowly. And, wiserbud didn't bug me one bit. It was all in good fun. I hope he knew I wasn't serious, and I hope he wasn't either. ;)


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