Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thursday junk...looks like the snow missed us...and some black folks are ticked...

Yep, we had rain overnight, but the temps did not drop below freezing. Thank you, Jesus!

That arctic blast is coming in today, though. We're forecast 15 F (above) for tonight. I know all my friends in Canada, The Great Plains, The Northeast, and in The Mid-west are envious. Ha!

Heh! Government Snow Plow...

'Bout right.


I stole that off of Theo Spark

Something's bugging me. It is this big controversy about the US Census giving a person the option of describing their race as "Negro."

Let me start by saying three words about political correctness. I'm agin' it! However, I am for a polite society. Therein lies the condurum (I know it's conundrum, I just wrote condurum, because I'm #1 on the Gooble for that term).

Okay, back to the conundrum. When I was a little kid growing up, all dark skinned folks were called negro. That, of course, gave place to the derogatory term, "nigger." Now, my folks did not use that term, and would not allow their children to, either. But a lot of folks did. As a side note, a lot of folks (mostly negro) still do...

So, sometime in my youth, negro became generally unacceptable, and black took over. Now honestly, I have seen very few folks that are really black. Admit it...neither have you. Most black folks are brown...some browner than others...but brown. So, about the time I was getting into real life, along came "African-American."

There's your trouble. I wish that we could just pick one, and stick with it. In an attempt to be polite, it is impossible to know how one wishes to be referred to. I mean, I guess when you meet a dark-skinned person you could say, "Hi, my name is Andy. Are you a negro, a black, or an African-American? I need to know for future reference, so I won't seem impolite if I call you a negro, and you prefer African-American..."

See how stupid that is. It puts one on edge in polite society...never knowing which term to use. My #2 son has a dark-skinned girlfriend, and if I finally meet her, I'm gonna have to somehow figure out how she labels herself. Truthfully, I hope she don't label herself at all. That would be much easier to remember.

As far as I'm concerned, any is as good as the next. Well, I don't really like the "African-American" deal, seeing as very few Americans are really from Africa. Hey, I've got a blog buddy, Patrick Conlon. He's an African-American. He immigrated from South Africa. So, he's got some real claim on the term...but I don't think he uses it. He's white.

The Census Bureau is defending their option. This is the question that is causing the stink.

Basil linked to this CBS article, that I thought was pretty good.

In it's defense, The Census Bureau says that many older folks have used the "write-in" option in the past. And, they write in "Negro." I know that my beloved Rose (who half raised us kids, and is 82 years old now) calls herself a negro. So, what's the big deal?

Of course, we know what the big deal is. "Negro," is too close to "nigger" for the easily offended crowd. Heck, if the word "nigger" was outlawed, you could call a black a "bligger!" It would mean the same dang thing. Racial disdain in the heart of a man will never be changed, just by changing the terms.

What we really ought to be concerned about in this upcoming census is the fact that illegal aliens will be counted for Congressional apportionment. If you want to get ticked off there, pc crowd, there's you a fact worth bitchin' about!

Let me wrap this up. I learned in school that all races of folks came basically from 3 groups. Caucasoids, Negroids, and Mongoloids. I think it's anthropology. (They might have changed that, because it was a long time ago that I went to school). And, I know that there's also Australianoids, or something like that...and a few others. Truth is, I don't mind being called "Caucasian." It actually fits me better than "white." I'm not white. I'm pink in the winter, and tan in the summer (at least parts of me).

So, when you refer to me in polite company, I'd appreciate being called a Caucasian. Or, a cracker. Or, a honkie. In fact, scratch that. You can go ahead and call me "white," or "whitey." I do not care. I am secure in my Caucasianess. (I know that's not a word, due to the red line)

I am praying for the day when folks of all races can reach that same inner security.

Well, y'all have a good Thursday! And, whatever you do, don't hurt nobody's feelings out there...


  1. I live for the day when we count people and put the representatives based on where people live. My mother's stepfather was dark and had curly hair. He was darker than my friend Smokey who is half black. Yesterday I saw a guy putting his jumper cables on a van's battery to help her jump start it. I said great job pal, and patted him on the back. He smiled and thanked me. He was a black man helping a white girl. I add that only because some people seem to care. His color didn't seem to matter to me. MUD

  2. Precisely, MUD. But as long as the gubmit keeps asking, and the race industry draws the lines...we're gonna have it.

  3. Hi Andy, The term "African American" can also get folks in trouble when dealing with black people. Here's a story: When I worked at the theme park here, part of my job was dealing with lost kids/parents. I called my dispatcher to describe the child so he could put it over the radio. I said "4 years old, black, etc". He put over the radio as "African American". These folks heard it. Turned out they had immigrated from India and were pissed! Filed a complaint and everything. The dispatcher was black and couldn't figure out what he had done wrong. Hmmm....

  4. Nice job, Andy. But you left out "colored" as a race descriptor. My oh-so-genteel grandmother and great-grandmother (on Mom's side) used the term almost exclusively, when they weren't using "nigra."

    You know I'm an Ol' Fart and an AF brat. But you prolly don't know that I'm a product of a mixed marriage: Mom was born and raised in Atlanta and Dad was a DamnYankee. The interesting thing? Dad was a racist, Mom wasn't. Dad used the N-word a LOT, Mom was always appalled. The best illustration I can give ya is think Archie Bunker and Meathead when thinking about my relationship with the Ol Man about things racial. Further irony... Dad was an officer and a gentleman by an act of the US Congress. I always wondered how he got by in the fully-integrated USAF with his attitude. I could go on and on in this space, but I won't.

  5. Paul, Heh! Aaaahhh... Yep, and "Little Black Sambo" has been banned from schools. Maybe you shoulda' said, "he looks like little black Sambo." That might have avoided a complaint.

    Buck, I've got plenty of Yankee friends, and kin that throw "nigger" around like we just would not do here in the South. Interesting about your folks. I'm just guessing here, but I figure you've got some deep life experience with race issues. If you ever feel like learning us something, I'd be interested in reading it. Just sayin'...

    BTW: I finally got your place put up on my favorites. That should drive your traffic straight through the floor.

  6. Oh Buck, I remember when "black" became the term of choice. My old next door neighbor lady said, "I'm not calling them 'black.' It took me too long to switch from 'darkie' to 'negro.' "

    And yep, I missed "colored" somewhere in's all a blur, but I think "colored" was kinda before my time (at least in Shreveport).

  7. I always put myself down as African-American in the census. Well, I am.

  8. ^^You and Tereza Heinz Kerry, Patrick.^^

    Andy, colored was what I dealt with in my youth, it was even on the drinking fountains. Of course I also remember being taught Caucasoid and Negroid, too. I don't ever remember Mongoloid other than Downs kids, but I would guess that it came from the similarities to the Asian facial features.

    I lurve that MUD's half-black friend is known as "Smokey." But, I have never used "pal" as anything other than a derogatory term. Like, "Gee, thanks, PAL!"

  9. Patrick, do you really? I amend my earlier remarks.

    Paul, I truly don't remember "colored" used much here in NW LA in my childhood. It was pretty well like I wrote.

    And, I'm pretty sure we learned that "Mongoloid" was the anthropology term for the origin of much of the Asian population. But like I said, it's been a long time.

  10. I Worked for a company 8 yrs, that had several people of different racial backgrounds. One day as a supervisor,I was handed a employee list which listed how many Asians,Mexician, White, Africian/American in each catagory. I was shocked as I looked at the names of each under each heading. I HAD never THOUGHT OF ANY OF THEM AS BEING OF A DIFFERENT RACE. THEY WERE ALL EMPLOYEES & I WAS THEIR TEAM LEADER.I guess I'm colored blind, since I see the only the character & attitude of each person, never their skin color!!!Jerry B.


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