Friday, January 1, 2010



The Navajo injuns have a saying (I can not write the words out just right in Navajo, because I have forgotten how it goes...but trust me, there are very few vowels), "If it happens to you, it is your fault."

My beloved LSU Tigers have been defeated by PisSU in the "What's in your wallet" Bowl. Crud.

We had our chances. In the first half, it seemed that Jordan Jefferson did not remember that receivers normally catch the ball with their hands, not their feet. In the second half, it seemed that our receivers may have done better trying to catch the ball with their feet.

And, throughout the game, it seemed that our defensive backs and safety dudes had hands made of concrete.

I would try to blame the loss on the cheatin' refs that cheated for PisSU throughout the entire game, and then really screwed us into the ground on our last drive. But I will not. We should have never been in a position to get cheated out of a final opportunity by the cheatin' refs.

If it happens to you, it's your fault! Words to live by my friends...words of truth.


  1. Well, my mighty Ducks lost to some team from the cold, frozen upper east coast. I'm beginning to believe what you say about the Pac 10, even though I'll always love the Ducks! It was a good game, I guess what you'd expect when #7 plays #8. On the other hand, the Ducks have a bunch of returning starters for next year!! Sorry about the Tigers.
    Happy New Year!!!

  2. Thanks Paul...I reckon we can cry in our punch over it. Man...I don't mind losing. I just hate to lose to the Big 10. I'm sure the Ducks feel the same way.


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