Friday, February 26, 2010

Even The G(ooble)-Mail is WRONG!

Okay, so I'm trying to make my life a little bit more efficient.  I've got about 5 different computer letter addresses.  One is for my business, one for my Dad's business (which I handle all computer letters and junk for him), one personal address, one for my blogging, and one for receiving porn junk so The Mrs. won't know (just kidding...really, I'm just kidding...really).

So, I get a tip that you can get you a G(ooble)-Mail account that will allow you to set up forwarding from ALL your e-mail addresses to this one letter box.  I'm thinking, "Cool!  That would really cut down on all the switching back and forth junk that I have to do.  That's what we call "efficiency."

So, I set me up a G(ooble)-Mail address.  BTW, it's justandysplace@g(ooble)  But don't use it, because it sucks!  Use the old one that you've already got.

So, I'm setting the whole deal up, and my "forwarding" deal works for a while, then it quits.  Which, that is fine and's not like I paid money for it, so I don't expect it to work.  Plus, it is from The Gooble, so I expect it to be WRONG!

But what ticked me off on the whole thing is that while I'm looking at the letter box, I see a link right above it to a blog post titled, "Why Is Climate Change Denial So Seductive?"  G(ooble)-Mail has obviously got an agenda, and they are WRONG for that!  I'm gonna link to it, so that y'all can see just how WRONG The G(ooble)-Mail is.  I mean, people are sitting here trying to make their lives more efficient, and The Gooble slaps 'em in the face with crap like this.  Be sure and look at the post this retard linked to ( but only if you have some chill pills handy).

I've just got one thing to say...


  1. I use Gmail for my own domain name email addresses. That is, is actually a Gmail address.


    Spam filter.

    Their spam filter is teh bestest! Ain't perfect, but it's a darn sight better than ... everybody else's.

    I use my mail client (Apple Mail for my Mac, Outlook for my PC) to get the mail via either POP or IMAP. And I don't have to deal with their silly little ads for GlobalWarming!!1!!!

    Same thing for my Gmail-domain account (like Supports POP and IMAP.

    Like you said, Gmail ads are teh suck. But using it via an email client is teh awesome.

  2. I've been using g-mail for at least seven years and I love it for the exact same reason as Basil: best spam filter ever. It's VERY rare a spam message makes it through. VERY. And I don't even see the ads any longer... unless I look on purpose. Sometimes the context-sensitive ads in the sidebar are funny. Srsly.


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