Saturday, February 27, 2010

Lunch at "Ming Garden."

Hey y'all! Hugs, kisses, yada yada yada...

Yesterday was just miserable around here in NW Louisiana. It rained all the doo-da-day, and it was in the 39-42 range the whole blooming time.  But, I guess it could be worse...

Friday is the day that The Mrs. and me do our grocery shopping, and almost always go out to lunch when we're finished.  I was hungry for chink food, so we went to our favorite chink restaurant in the area.

Man, it was good!  They have the best Garlic Shrimp this side of heaven.  We can both stuff ourselves with Hot & Sour Soup, egg roll, wonton, fried rice, vegetables, and garlic shrimp for $12.86 total (including tax).

And, they're real chinks over there, too.  I mean, they all jabber at each other in Chinese, and all.  Have y'all ever noticed that everybody sounds angry at everybody else when they're speaking Chinese?  Ya' know, Spanish, and French, and people talking other foreign languages don't sound like they're having a big ruckus like the chinks do.  Maybe it's just me...

It has been well chronicled here that we receive dozens of visitors each and every day to Andy's Place from folks searching for "Don't trust China," "don't trust chinese," etc.  I haven't checked in a while, but I'm pretty sure we're still #1 on The Gooble in those search terms.

And now, lookie here!  The searcher (from the UAE) at right put a new twist on it all.  (click it and see)

Now, I was a bit puzzled.  I do not ever remember in all of the forty-some bazillion words that have been typed by your gracious host EVER mentioning "Taiwan."  So, I did a quick search of Andy's Place, and discovered that I had indeed used the word.  Once.

Now, what in the world would cause The Gooble Search© to rank Andy's Place so high on such a search?  I mean, other than the fact that I Own The Gooble, there must be a reason that makes more sense.  I'm thinking it might be a political deal/move by The Gooble to try to appease Beijing.  I'm thinking that they've decided to lump Taiwan over in with chink searches, so as to find favor with the Chi-coms.  You know kinda like, "Hey, we know y'all really own Taiwan, and are gonna get it back pretty soon 'cause ObozO won't stop you when you go take 'em over, so y'all be nice to us, okay...yada yada yada."

That's probably it.  Maybe.  Probably not.  It's probably just because I own The Gooble.

Anyway, I think the chinks over there at that restaurant have gotten wind of how my little blog is the "go-to" place on the net for chink/Taiwanese haters.  Because when we got finished, the waiter guy brought us our ticket & two fortune cookies.  Now, I always just stick mine in my pocket and bring it home for my youngest son.  It's a treat for him, plus I don't like any cookie that you can break a tooth on.  Chinks make good food, but their desserts, and cookies suck.  Just sayin'.

Well, I've seen some pretty good fortunes, and even some funny ones around on the worldwide computer.

Steamboat McGoo over at Aardvarks & Asshats had a pretty good one yesterday!


But, when Paul handed me the fortune from my cookie, you shoulda seen it!  In fact, I stuck it in my handy dandy Epson scanner, so I could show it to y'all!

On one side is an "Advertisement."  I wonder how well that works out for 'em...I mean, advertising in fortune cookies, and all.  Well, it sure worked on me.  I'm gonna go right out and get me some of that guang.  Maybe even a little gao to go along with it.

And, I might even go down there to the store and buy me a Powerball ticket for the drawing tonight.  I mean, those "Lucky Numbers" are probably about as lucky as any.  It might be worth a buck to give it a rip.

But then they ticked me off with my "Fortune."  I'm thinking them chinks might really be from Taiwan, and took it personal.

But the food was good, as always.

Well look, y'all have a good Saturday.

I'm working on my monster post for tomorrow that will be a wrap up of Black History month.  We will do the traditional things that we always do during February Black History Month...and put a period on the end of it all for 2010.

I love y'all!  I mean it...


  1. Husband says his Chinese name would be Dangyu Fat. I'm a Popeye's Chickenhawk myself.

  2. Heh! Good one, Red! I'm stealing that for future reference, nyuk...

  3. I used to keep the more fortuitous fortunes in my wallet. Until I figgered out the bastids were lying to me just to get repeat bid'niz.

  4. One more thing... I actually DO have a Chinese name. From an old post:

    The ideograms on my business card read something like Nō-maan Pen-ling-tōn, and supposedly mean (literally) “Silken Net of Words.” I got the literal translation from someone I trust but the characters could actually say “Has an Unhealthy Affinity for Goats” for all I know. No one laughed when I passed them out in Beijing, though, and that’s a good thing.

    They are nothing if not polite, the Chinese.

  5. That's what happens when you piss off the Taiwanese, I suppose. Or the Chinese. Or the . . . .


Don't cuss nobody out, okay?