Saturday, February 27, 2010


I have made good sport of "Word Verification" that is required (optionally) to post comments on The Globber over my 50 years of maintaining this pitiful little blog.

I surely have!  I'll swear, some of them seem to match up so well with the post you're commenting on that you'd think The Gooble has maybe got a sense of humor, or something. (not just the evil, money hungry bunch they come off as)  And, occasionally I will "fudge" by a letter or two to try to be funny.

I've got my Word Verification turned off now.  "Word Verification" is used to block out spammanoid comments that might make some retard click on it, and spend some coins.  It sucks.  I might have to turn back on the WV, because I've gotten about 16 offers to look at naked chicks, buy Viagra, and join up with Ron Paul for President forums I might have to turn it back on.  I don't need me no Viagra. 

I have shown y'all some of the really funny when MoogieP's WV made light of my manhood, calling me a "pusse," and when I once was called a bad name(it has the "f" word in it, so I won't repeat it)  by a Globber's WV that has has quit screwing with all this junk, and quit blogging (he's a good guy, and he knows who she is, and I don't blame her).

But, I was over at Classicaliberal's joint today...  If you don't know it, CL did one of the greatest pieces of work EVER last year on the anniversary of 9/11.  I'll swear (and I'm not kidding here), CL should receive some kind of blogtime achievement award or something.  He chronicled EVERY event of the day, as it happened, minute by minute, second by second...all matching up with the actual times that it unfolded on that wretched day.  I was transfixed on was moving, touching, and took me back in time just like it was happening all over again.

He needs some kind of award for that.  Seriously.

Anyway...I was posting a comment in response to his videos about how retarded Maxine Waters is, and how she should win the Dufus of The World Crown (and please don't post any more dufus Congresscritters...please)...and I got the very best WV in the history of WV's.

Don't tell me The Gooble don't know junk...

It knows.


  1. I've turned Word Verification off. But I don't allow anonymous comments. Since teh Blogger supports OpenID, most people that surf them Internets have an account that will work.

    And my method won't keep trolls out, but it will keep anonymous trolls out.

  2. You obviously haven't figured it out!

    It's the Goobama, and the Goreble is behind it all, with Goobinton pulling the strings!

    Of course they know.... After all they know about the climate.... which had gone trough rather wild swings, as evidenced by the parts of the world that have been under water or under ice at various times over the last few millennium or so,

    Man may be a force, but not nearly as much at volcanoes, asteroids, comets, etc. Who knows, maybe even God is involved?!


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