Sunday, February 28, 2010

Wrapping up Black History Month...

(Just a friendly note to all my friends.  If you decide to read this rambling drivel, you might want to pack a lunch.  I didn't realize until I got finished writing this all down how ridiculous, and long it is.  Consider yourself warned.)

Hey y'all! Hugs, kisses, yada yada yada...

Well, after a miserable Friday here in NW Louisiana, our weekend has turned off just gorgeous!  And, I'm so happy to have lovely weather to end up Black History Month!  The Mrs. and I did what we normally do on The End of Black History Month Eve (sometimes it's the 27th, and sometimes the 28th if it's a leap year, which it's not this year, so yesterday was it).  We raked up every leaf from my once beautiful Live Oak tree in the front yard.  You might remember how it got to be not so beautiful anymore.  Regardless, there's a lot less leaves to rake now.

#4 son toted about 40 wheelbarrow loads of leaves to the garden, and The Mrs. burned 'em all up to enrich the garden, which we'll be tilling up pretty soon.  Maybe...if it ever gets to be springtime.

And, as is also our family tradition, we spent the Eve of the big day watching "The Postman" for about the 97th time.  The Mrs. loves that movie, and I think it's okay...I especially like it when Tom Petty looks at Kevin Costner and says, "Hey, I heard of you, man.  YOU'RE FAMOUS!"  There's a pretty good YouTube video right here of Tom Petty in that film.  I think he's my favorite character in it.  He's not black, but he's not a racist, and Ford Lincoln Mercury is black.  Those are my two favorite characters in the film, so I'm pretty sure I've got it all balanced out to not be a racist.  I don't want to spoil it for y'all, but The Postman lives long and prospers after overthrowing the evil General Bethlehem.

It is also a tradition here at Andy's Place that we always show y'all our gorgeous, traffic-stopping Japanese Magnolia sometime during Black History Month.

By Black History Month Groundhog Day, or at the latest by Black History Month Valentines Day, it is in full bloom.  Well, I guess because January was the warmest on record, and all of this global warming we've had this year, it hasn't bloomed yet.  It's just now trying to, but it still looks like crap.

I am going to link to an old post from over two years ago.  Take a look at that beautiful thing, and note the date on the post.  Global warming, my rosy red hiney!

I don't know about y'all, but I noticed that Black History Month just wasn't as well observed this year.  Maybe it's just me, but it seemed like the whole thing kinda petered out after Black History Month Valentines Day.  I haven't heard too much about it since then.  I'm hoping that maybe they won't have it next year.  And, as we noted there are a lot of black folks that resent being singled out, too.  But they probably will...because trust me, my friends, racism still exists here in 2010, and we need folks to know about Black History so that they won't be racists.

I'm gonna give y'all some examples of the many hundreds of racists that land here at Andy's Place on a monthly basis.  This is just a tiny sample of what I have to put up with.  As always, you'll have to click on the little bitty picture deals to get the whole thrust of just how racism still exists and all.

In this first one, you will see that folks just continue to use the "n" word (and I don't mean "negro").  I mean, they just throw it around like nobody's listening.  But The Gooble is.  It knows.

Actually, in this case it was The Bing that knows, but it don't know as much as The Gooble.  But, it knows.

Shame on him, throwing around the "n" word like that.  And that fellow visited here on Black History Month Valentines Day, too!  Shame on him!  And shame on The Bing for thinking that I would have a picture like that, or that I would want a racist hanging around here.

But, the beat goes on.  Here you will see a The Gooble Image Search® done by a racist, who also throws around the "n" word.  However, this one is obviously retarded, because he does not know how to spell "butt."  What kind of moron doesn't know how to spell "butt?"  I mean, everybody knows how to spell "butt," unless they are one!  Oh...I answered my own question there, huh?

Now, you gotta admit she is mud-fence ugly, but that's just crude.

Go ahead, admit it.  She's ugly.  I mean, that would stop an atomic clock.

Now, this particular searcher is also a racist, who also throws that "n" word around (don't they all?).  But, this search has more of a local flavor, and will be of interest to residents of NW Louisiana.

Heh!  Note that we came in second only to The Wikidpedia, and ahead of the good Mayor's own computer page.  Nyuk.  But #4 down there should be ashamed of himself, too.  I'm glad we beat him out, even though I don't like being on the same results page with him.

Now, this character is not only a racist.  He/she/it is also a pervert, and insulted me personally.

Now, I do not have sex with dogs, nor would I discriminate on the basis of color if I did!  Pervert.  Racist Pervert!  Get out of here, and don't come back!

It's a dang shame ain't it?  The world continues to be just full of racist folks...even after we've got a Black History Month, and everything.  Sigh...

And, as is our tradition here at Andy's Place, we will wrap up Black History Month with our final Psoriasis Update.  This year it's not going so good.  The reason is that Mean Ol' Mr. Psoriasis decided to attack me right square on a knuckle.  You can see for yourself.  I've got knuckle trouble.

Yep, that's the problem. It swelled up, and burst through the skin right there on a flexible joint (one which I must use in my work, and recreation, and raking leaves, and typing, and everything else).  All of the treatments for Psoriasis involve in some way softening the skin, so that the medicine/herb/whatever can do it's thing on the outbreak.  All of those treatments also soften, and remove scabs...which means that the open wound will never heal if I continue to treat it.  So, I'm having to let a scar develop first before I can go back to treating the outbreak.

However, I think it's running it's course, as the outbreaks on my other fingers seem to be subsiding on their own...thank you Jesus!

Well, I think we have got all our traditions handled in our Black History Month roundup.  Y'all have blessed day.  It's Sunday, so go do something nice for a neighbor, and don't cuss nobody out or nothing...and for heaven's sake, even if you think it...don't call nobody a "nigger."  That's crude.


  1. in this case it was The Bing that knows...

    The Bing was a know-it-all and way too wholesome for me. Which is why I liked The Bob better'n The Bing when they were on the Road together; The Bob was way funnier. But The Frank was better'n both of 'em.

    Owie on the psoriasis. I hope that gets better REAL soon!

  2. I think you might need a nap now, Andy! Rest those digits!

    Psoriasis and its cousins are no fun whatsoever (such as pityriasis rubra polaris, which has taken up domicile in Moogie's corpus, though not painful like psoriasis) -- hope yours clears soon!

  3. I'm still wondering if this is racism?:

  4. another question?

    what about all the blacks that constantly use the n..... word.
    are they racists?

  5. A nap might help, Andy, but they also have some great medications out that could calm you down some, smooth things out. Maybe help with the Gooble paranoia. Speaking of which, I thing the Bing might just be zeroing in on you. Just saying.

  6. Buck, I liked both the Bob, and The Bing. Don't get me started on The Chairman of The Board...I am ONE huge fan. Thanks for the kind wishes...this too shall pass.

    Moogie, I am addicted to activity, so the world is yet vexed. I'll take a nap one day...the dirt nap.

    Anonymous, I saw that video the other day when you linked to it. I don't call that "racist." I call it "comedy." It's funny (at least to me). As for black folks calling each other "nigger," I share your wondering over "why" black folks can get away with it, and white folks can not. I will quote something I read just a few minutes ago..."I refuse to answer that question on the grounds that I do not know the answer." (paraphrased)

    I honestly believe that EVERYONE is "prejudiced." We ALL make pre-judgments about folks. Maybe I'm just projecting here, but I think we ALL have a built-in encyclopedia of life experiences in our gray matter that we draw info from.

    I'm probably just projecting. But, as to the Chris Rock vid...I think he's making fun of those black folks that really do hate EVERY white person.

    I've got enough life experience stored in my encyclopedia to know that it is not universally true. What percentage? Dunno!

  7. I agree with the prejudice thing......... it's a bit like asking, "are you prejudiced toward rattlesnakes?", well of course I am. but prejudiced in the race sense is usually not prejudice but postjudice....... in other words, like jesse jackson, If I'm walking at night and see a bunch of people ahead, if they are white instead of black I'm relieved. is that prejudice, or common sense? or postjudice?

  8. OWWWIEEEEE on that finger, Andy.

    I agree, we're all prejudiced in one way or another. Human nature. However, much of our prejudice comes from experience or from other's experience, or simply from observing. For instance, I have long believed that all persons who live on the west coast are freakishly liberal, because I had never read about or met anyone from there who wasn't. And then I did, and they weren't. So now I'm conflicted - were they really not liberal or just afraid of us right-wingers? Hmmmm. I think skeered.


Don't cuss nobody out, okay?