Thursday, March 18, 2010

A couple of Thursday afternoon quizzes for y'all!

Our good buddy and regular contributor, Paul The Fireguy, sent me a bunch of good junk I'm gonna be showing y'all in the years to come.  But instead of just showing this stuff to y'all, I've decided to make it like a quiz.  You can answer if you want to.

If you're Paul The Fireguy, you may not answer, as you already know, and it won't count.  Just sayin'...  Well, wait a minute.  You may answer, but you MUST answer incorrectly in order to throw off all the wannabes that will glom onto your answer because they know that you already know.

The first one comes from pictures of well-known folks before they were really well known.  I know, I'm stealing from The Mayor's "When They Were Young" posts.  Again. But he'll forgive me.  I prayed him through his latest illness, so he owes me one...

Okay...Who Is This Chick?

I will give you some clues.  She's a chick.  She is older now than my Momma, and she's married to a fellow named "Bernard."  I know the photo is not the greatest, nor easiest to recognize.  But heck, who cares, huh?

Now, this second little quiz comes from "Look Alikes." Of course, every living human will know that the fellow on the right is Elvis. I mean, if you don't know that, you are not astute enough to be anywhere near a computer. But, can you Identify the Elvis Impersonator? clues.

Good luck, y'all!  There won't be any prizes or anything...just "bragging rights."


  1. HA! You think Elvis looks like Brigette Bardot? Bwahahahahahaha!

  2. Yep, Brigette Bardot.
    On the Elvis thing I don't have a clue.

  3. Indeed! Bridgette Bardot is married to Bernard Ormale or something like that.

    And, I didn't know until now that Lady Liberty and the King were related. I learn something new every day at Andy's Place!

  4. I don't need to know her name! If we were both single and the right age, anonymity would work for me. She could call me Sport, Sparky, Dumbuss, and I wouldn't care....

  5. Okay, Moogie, I'm sorry that I didn't explain the rules. You answered in the form of a question.

    This is not "Jeopardy!" Bzzzzzzzzzz.

    Jim, you get 1/2 bragging rights to Staci's full rights. Kinda like oil royalties...which Staci is cashing in on real soon. Contact her for your share.

    Staci, ya' gotta admit that the resemblance is astounding!

  6. Walt...ditto! But I suspect that you DID know her name.

  7. That'd be Brigitte Bardot and The Statue of Liberty. Who the guy in the picture with Lady Liberty is, however, I have no idear.

  8. I'm a Jeopardy kind of gal -- y'all must be ore Wheel of Fortune!


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