Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Earth Hour Winds Down...

Well, we're about to wrap up our chance to save the Earth here in the U.S. of A.  And, I gotta confess that I'm a bit disappointed in my fellow Earth lovers.

All the while that I have been chronicling this extremely exciting event (which could surely have saved the planet), the temperature has been dropping like a rock!  What was a gloriously beautiful Saturday has turned into a cold, blustery evening.  I mean, we're trying to stop global warming here and all...but Jeepers, I'm freezing!!!

Not only that!  It seems that most of y'all across the fruited plain have just been toying with this saving of the Earth.  As The Earth Hour winds down, it seems that MOST of y'all have switched y'all's lights back on, and resumed your normal, evil, selfish lives.

Satellite shot 9:04 pm, PDT -

Okay, so all the GOOD people out on the West Coast have got their lights turned off.  They care!  They understand just how important it is to turn lights off and junk if we're gonna survive.  But the rest of y'all...Pfffft!  Turned 'em off just to feel good about yourself, and then once your hour was up...right back on...  Posers!  That's what y'all are...Posers!

I'll bet ya' that tomorrow night, those REALLY GOOD concerned people on the West Coast will turn their lights off again...I self respecting night club, or restaurant, or movie theater, or Hollywood mansion owner would dare just do this for ONE hour!  I mean, that would be hypocritical...and we all know that the REALLY GOOD PEOPLE in California ain't hypocrites.

But the rest of y'all are!  I can tell by the picture that y'all have turned y'all's lights back on.  Shame, Shame, Shame!  I gotta give Alaska & Hawaii a break, though.  It ain't time for them to go dark yet.  And, I can't stay up to see if they do or not.  All the excitement of The Earth Hour day has really worn me down.  I'd better get some shut-eye so I can get up early and find out just how much better the Earth is tomorrow than it was before we did this today.

I'm pretty sure it's gonna all be fixed up real good by then...


  1. Looks like N. Korea wins every night.

  2. HA! Good one, Nancy...Yep, a real progressive bunch they are!

  3. That real BRIGHT SPLOTCH in the Rocky Mountains? That was Seymour and me. At our "Earth Hour", I turned on EVERYTHING. And then mooned AlGore out my patio window, while Seymour covered his eyes and muttered..."he can't send me to Texas soon enough.."...

  4. Hey Andy, Have you ever been to Southern California? The dark part in your picture is the part of the world where the good lord would insert the tube if he was ever going to give the earth an enema. The great Mojave Desert is somewhere between "no and Damn Where." The highlight there is Barstow and it sucks. MUD

  5. God must have been in solidarity with us "Human Accomplishments" celebrants last night in Little Rock. During Earth Hour, we had a tremendous light show in the form of a whopping thunderstorm. Oddly enough, the power was not wiped out, and my daughter's wedding shower went on as planned.

    I think He was trying to give us a message. And getting a good laugh out of Earth Hour.

  6. MUD, yes sir, I have spent a good bit of time in The Golden State...especially down along the Mexican border...and across, too.

    Been to Barstow, Victorville, and Bakersfield...can't argue with you.

    Moogie, I heard they got whacked up way up North in Arkansas, but had no idea you were there. I blame you, you storm magnet, you. Nyuk!


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