Friday, March 26, 2010

I'll go ahead and say it...Sarah, let me define "Shinola" for ya'...

Sarah, you're about to get dragged backwards through a knothole!

The news outlets are reporting that Palin is down in Arizona campaigning for Senator McCain in his primary bid against Hayworth.  Okay...fine.  If that's what you want to do Sarah, well, cool.

But Sarah, you're gonna have to pick one side or t'uther.  The next great battles in the war to save America are "Amnesty for illegal aliens," and "Cap & Trade."

The man you're campaigning for has been on the WRONG side of both of those issues for years.  You can't go out there and scream "Drill here, drill now!"...or go on FOX and rattle on about the economy-killing effects that Cap & Trade will bring...or wow the Tea-Party crowds with anti-amnesty junk anymore.

Just in case you missed it Sarah, liberty just took a fierce kick in the groin last week.  This is not the time to be sending mixed signals, if you fashion yourself to be a champion of it.

I'm sure you feel some loyalty to Senator McCain...some affection (heck, we all have affection for him on a personal level) etc.  But, right thinking folks are sick of politics...and this smacks of it in a big time way.  You've sold yourself as an outsider who can identify with the rest of us, that are truly grasping for a plank of the wreckage to hang on to.

"Shinola" is the opposite of what you're selling right now.  It does rub off...

Look, Sarah...pick a team, and stick to it, huh?


  1. I think you're being too hard on Sarah. She owes Mac a lot. Without him she would not be famous and making a fairly good living out of it. Maybe that's not your style (or mine) - which is why we don't have our own TV shows. But Sarah is a bit more ambitious than us.

  2. Ambition vs principle. Tough choice sometimes. But I think when it comes to McCain, she has to make it. He IS on the wrong side of several key arguments that will break badly for the economy and the country if the libtards drag us that way. McCain shouldn't be helping the libtards; and thus, Sarah shouldn't be helping him.

  3. Patrick, "But Sarah is a bit more ambitious than us."

    I'll say!

  4. I agree with Andy...... mccain may have put her in the spotlight but she was already on the radar........ she was the gov. of alaska....... she should acknowledge the old bureaucrat and then get the hell away from him, he is everything many of us hate about politicians.. smug, arrogant, condescending, bureaucratic, I could easily go on.

  5. "liberty took a fierce kick in the groin . . . ." Not having those boy-parts, I've never really understood exactly the level of pain a groin-kick engenders, but now you've given me a point of reference. OOWWWW!!!!!! Dang, fellows -- I thought chlidbirth was unpleasant, but,really, dang!

  6. fshafer, always feel free to go on. Let it all out...

    Moogie, I have been racked real good 4 or 5 times in my life. But, after watching the "Having a Baby Channel" with my wife for many years, I honestly think childbirth must be worse. A hard kick to the groin takes your breath for between one and 10 minutes (depending). Childbirth is a MUCH longer ordeal.

    The Mrs. had 4 C-sections...not so much pain in the delivery, but weeks of it afterward. Regardless, I know that you understand...


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