Thursday, March 25, 2010

Just a little reminder...I OWN THE GOOBLE!

I continue to be amazed at how often The Gooble Search© ranks Andy's Place as #1.  It's really quite humbling.

I'm going to show you a The Gooble Search© that brought a visitor to Andy's Place a few minutes ago.  And, I'm sure that many thousands will follow.

(as always, click the little picture to see it good)

Now, how many gozillion places on the worldwide computer do you imagine that these words are used?  Bazillions of gozillions, I'll bet!   In fact, you might remember that just a short time ago, I did not even know what it meant.

But, after getting some education, and making it a featured term here at Andy's Place, here we are...#1!

One thing I take great pride in is that on these #1 searches, The Dimocrap Underworld  seems to be on many of them...eating Andy's Place's dust!  It makes it all worthwhile...


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