Friday, March 26, 2010

Looks like...

Hey y'all! Paul the Fireguy sent me some pictures from that I wanted to show y'all.  Some of 'em are pretty dang close...

 Eddie Van Halen

Ringo Starr

Hillary Clinton

Michael Jackson 
(He's really not dead, you know.  People have been seeing him everywhere.  Just sayin'...)

James Carville  
(I think he's not dead, too.  It's hard to tell sometimes, though.)

The US Economy


  1. Eddie's been rode hard and put away wet.
    Poor Ringo, he needs to shave and remove any doubt.

  2. The one of Carville made me laugh It never ceases to amaze me that he and Matalin remain married.

  3. HAHAHAHAHA! Oh Eddie, the years (and alcohol abuse)have not been kind.

  4. Jim, and Red...yep! Poor Eddie...

    Buck, that Carville shot is priceless. Always been a mystery to me how he snagged Mary. A true mystery.

    Now, they're living in The Crescent City. Jeepers, I wish they'd stayed in DC.

  5. Now, they're living in The Crescent City.

    Well, that's only natchul, ain't it? He IS one of yours, as much as it pains ya (I'm sure), right? ;-)

  6. Buck, Yep! He is one of ours. And it truly pains me to say that Jimbo is just as radical an LSU fan as yours truly.

    They moved to NO (I think in the Garden District) a couple of years back.

    Ya' know, most of us marry WAY out of our class. Carville married out of his species.


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