Tuesday, March 23, 2010


To be honest, I'm getting a bit weary of looking at photos of "W" on billboards all across the US sporting the question "MISS ME YET?"  I have great respect for "W" in many ways.  At the same time, I have much disagreement with him, and what he did while in office.

 I've got another idea.


And, Yep!


  1. The Gipper: Now that's someone I do miss! W should have taken some plays out of his book.

  2. Yawp. Now we're stuck with the Puke Tsunami. But only 'til November...

  3. I agree, W had his faults, and Reagan was the King. Compared to what we have now, though, W is headed for princehood.

    Just my opinion, and I KNOW!!! everybody's got one.

  4. I agree--- I detest obama and his minions...... but w allowed the southern border to be opened so he could perk up the economy...... to look the other way on those laws, strengthened (sp) the belief that some laws are more valid than others and who decides?.......... a very dangerous path to take....... makes me want to choose which laws I will obey or not.--- makes me distrust the gubmit even more------- a bunch of thieves and liars they are.

  5. one last thought------
    wait until november?
    I don't think so........
    the obama minions will soon amnetize 40+ million new voters................ guess who they will vote for in november 2010?

    verify word..... weriest
    should be....... weariest

  6. I miss Dubya. A LOT. He got some things wrong but got the biggest thing right: he knew how to fight a war and deal with terrorists. KSM wouldn't have his hopes up for a civilian trial were Dubya still around.

  7. Buck, don't get me wrong. I certainly prefer Dubya to ObozO, and I miss his aggressive nature, whereas we have a pansy "me me me me me" dog turd in office now.

    But, he let me down on many issues. Reagan was not perfect, but he's the closest to it in my lifetime.

    fshafer, the illegal immigration deal, federal mandates to the States in education reform, and the expansion of entitlements truly disappointed me. But, I said it before Dubya was elected, "he is not a conservative."

    So, I was not really surprised. And Congress did not stop any of it...Again, I was not surprised.

    Staci, GW was a "prince." He was a prince of a guy. Of all living humans, I can not imagine a fellow I would rather sit down and spend a few minutes with more than W. Maybe Darth Cheney...

    Red, he was SOMETHING, wasn't he?

  8. I just blatantly stole your idear and put it in my sidebar. I just used another face.
    Thanks for the inspiration. Yep, inspiration, that sounds better than 'stealing'.

  9. Jim, MUCH better. I'm stealing it, posting it, and giving kudos where they be due!

  10. Ronny I miss...W, not so much. I think that to some extent, Bush is responsible for the election of Mr. Hopey Change. The public had become so weary of him, that they were willing to give the other brand a chance.

    Running McCain/Palin didn't help much either.

  11. Dave, I hear you. I give W credit for staying true to his principles...and it probably did aid ObozO's election.

    Many of Dubya's decisions/policies stumped me. But, we'd probably have gotten ObozO anyway...McCain/Palin was just about as weak a ticket as the Republicans could have conceived...

    And they got beat by two of the lightest lightweights in American political history.

    It probably wasn't them...or Bush that are to blame. It's our retarded fellow citizens with voter registration cards that have doomed us to this.

  12. In the final analysis, you are absolutely correct, Andy. We get the government we deserve. As long as too many people fail to educate themselves, or vote with their feelings, we will keep ending up here.


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