Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mistaken Identity, and Gas Facts...

Okay, let me show y'all the other stuff I was gonna show you before.

1)  Captain Curt, our blog buddy at Captain of a Crew of One has an interesting post up.  It seems that his obviously subversive music teacher son is in dookie deep.    BLAME IT ON THE STONES!  (BTW, I'm giving the prize of special recognition for the first one that "catches" that one in the comments.  Artist, and year of release, please!)

2)  Our good buddy, and regular contributor, Paul the Fireguy, sends along these "Gas Facts."  Did you know that termites have got the worst farts on the planet?  Neither did I.  When I told The Mrs. that, she said, "Well, it's that high fiber diet they eat."  It also seems that my retarded yellow lab Sadie has an excuse for her gassy self...she's a "retriever."    (I hope this is big enough to read good after you click on it.  After you click on it once, you might have to click on it again in that window to get it big enough to read.  If it's still not, and you're REAL interested, I'll send it by computer letter upon request).

Now you know why you visit Andy's Place.  It's a regular old carousel of edjumacation, huh?


  1. I'm feeling smarter already.

  2. Red, if you'll go ahead on and stay at a Holiday Inn Express tonight, you'll be a full-fledged genius by tomorrow...

  3. Oh my. We have a labrador AND termites! And a geriatric beagle. We're doomed.

  4. Well, your Stones reference was sufficiently cryptic. But if I had to place a bet it would be on "Street Fightin' Man." Seems to be the only thing that fits.

  5. Moogie, you have a lab? I knew there was a reason I liked ya'!

    Buck, BZZZZZZZZZZZ! Good try. But, don't think so hard. It's ME posing the question. The answer should be easy to a man of your certain age.

  6. Andy, you need to find better sources of material. The Mythbusters did a segment on farts and they determined that the main smelly ingredient in farts is not Hydrogen Sulfide (this is an urban legend) and is instead the chemical "mercaptin" which is the same chemical they put in natural gas (no pun intended) to make it smelly. The rest of the smell mostly comes from solid residue (of you-know-what).

    14 times a day? Hmm.... I always knew I was significantly above average...

  7. .. ah crap, I misspelled it. It's "mercaptan"...

  8. Cosmic, why am I not surprised that you corrected me on gas facts?


    These are not my FACTS! I'm just "passing" along what comes across my plate.

    Heck, I don't know Camel farts from Vegetarian lab ones.

    But, I still believe that termites are the biggest expellers of trouble.

    What? No other guesses on "Blame It On The Stones?"

    Aw crap! I almost forgot to one-up ya'! 14 times a day is true piker junk.

    I am is a vegetarian. I blow 14 times before breakfast (on a slow day). And, the 7 mph thingy must be just for learners...

  9. No other guesses on "Blame It On The Stones?"

    Nope. Too esoteric for me. ;-)

  10. Buck don't feel so much "in the dark." Definitely not one of his biggest hits. First album, 1970, btw.

    For some reason, that one has stuck with me for almost 40 years since I first heard it.


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