Tuesday, March 23, 2010

"One-Upped" by a blog bud...

Jim at My Bossier ran with my idear, and due to my obviously weak photo manipulation knowledge...just schooled me.

I'd like to see this one make it around the worldwide computer...and quick!


  1. Hey, you stole the thing that I made from the idear that I stole from you!

  2. *deep pensive sigh*

    YES!! I miss you, TJ!!

  3. Ronald Reagan told a Mensa group at an affair in the White House "There has never been a greater concentration of intellectual power here at the White House since Thomas Jefferson dined alone."

  4. Ummm... point of order. Don't ya have to actually know someone to miss 'em? I mean knowing OF them might be OK, but...

    Aw, nevermind. It's the thought that counts.

    wv: ovelmpr. I think that's shorthand for "oh velly improper." Or sumthin'.

  5. Quiet Paul - Andy thinks I did know TJ.

  6. Jim, you do, don't you? Jim? Jim?

  7. Well, my grandfather and great-grandfather were both named Thomas Jefferson. Thomas Sr's father was named George Washington. So yes, I think, by association, that I can claim some remembry of him.
    What was I talking about?


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