Saturday, March 20, 2010

Out of pocket...

Hey y'all!  Hugs, kisses, yada yada yada...

I'm gonna be a gone gosling today, and maybe tomorrow.  Acadiana road trip!  My nephew is getting married down in Lafayette, LA late this afternoon, so we're hitting the road to witness the whole thing.  It's about a three hour drive, and the truth is that I really did not want to go, as I am jealous of Saturdays for yard work during the Spring.

But, The Mrs. had her heart set on it, and I like the little gal that nephew is marrying (she's real sweet, and hard-working and all), and The Mrs. bribed me.  Yes she did!  She said, "Hey, how about I buy you a meal at 'you know where' on the way?"  That cinched it with me.  Because I knew where "you know where" meant.

Now, there are many categories of quality of life issues where Louisiana comes in near the bottom, or dead last.  It's not something to be proud's just the facts.  But good food, and warm hospitality are not two of those.  I would boast without backing up that Louisiana has without a doubt the finest collection of restaurants in these here United States.  And, I have partaken of said fabulous culinary art at more than my fair share of them.  From the fancy joints in New Orleans...Andrew Jackson's, Brennan's, Court of Two Sisters, and on and on (dozens of others, too many to name) some of the best seafood on the planet at Drusilla's, or Mike Anderson's in Baton Ralph & Kacoo's right around the corner from any other dozens of fabulous restaurants from Shreveport to the Crescent City.

But let me tell y'all...Nobody does Coonass like Prejean's in Lafayette!  Yep!  Nobody does Cajun food like Prejean's.  So, that is where Andy will be joyfully stuffing himself for lunch today.  About 6 or 7 years ago, The Mrs. & I stopped in there for lunch for the first time.  I had heard of it, but never visited.  When we walked in, we were met by a Coonass fellow who got our name, and told us it would be a wait of howmanyeverminutes, which was fine.

As we walked on in to wait, there was a young man cleaning up an enormous piece of broken glass from a display case right there near the entry way.  I thought, "what in the world?"  Well, we had noticed the Paramedics leaving the restaurant about the time we got there, and I thought to myself, "tough joint!"  But, we sat on a bench to wait, and there was this Coonass fellow sitting next to me.  So, I asked him what had happened.

"Boss, you see dat ol' gaaah ovah dere?" he asked me nodding to the left.  I looked, and there was an old fellow who must have been 90 with a bloody bandage wrapped around his head, and his family standing over him.  I said, "Yeah, what happened?"  (Now, you gotta understand that when you walk into Prejean's you step down a few steps into the restaurant.)  "Maan, dat ol' guy tripped comin down da' stairs, and fell headlong right into dat glass case, and bus it in a million pieces wid his head."

"So, da ambalance come, and patch him up.  Den dey get ready to load him off to da hospital, and he say 'Hell naw!  I ain goin' to no damn hospital.  I'm hawngri!' "

Lemme tell y'all...them old Coonasses are tough!  And, after I finished my meal, I understood why the old guy didn't want to lose his place in line.  It's hard to hang "best" on any food in The Bayou State...but when it comes to real "Cajun" food, Prejean's might not be in a class by itself, but it sure don't take long to call the roll!

So, we're gonna go partake, and ramble around Acadiana a while with #4 son in tow, and then attend my nephew's wedding at The Acadian Village.  I've heard of the park, but never visited it.  It's a "Cajun Heritage" deal, and should be interesting for a look.

So, I'll be gone at least today, and maybe stay overnight if the wedding runs real late.  You know how them Cajuns like to party...and a Saturday night wedding party in Lafayette with a bunch of Coonasses ought to be an experience for #4 son to file in his memory bank.

Y'all will have to keep up with the Health Care Deform legislative count, and chicanery going on with Nanny P, and BozObama for me today.  The fact is, I could use a break from it.  The whole thing can weigh on you.  So, y'all keep the faith for me, okay?

And, y'all have a blessed Saturday!  I love all y'all.  I mean it.


  1. Ooo! Have a great time Andy! If you ride through Redstick, check out Parrains on Perkins. Some of the best crab and corn bisque and hush puppies I ever ate!

  2. I had Blackened Redfish there once and I was on antacids for a month. Might have been the scotch but the fish was hot as hell. Love the shrimp but you can keep those ditch crickets - Damn Fishbait.

  3. Luv me some Prejean's! And you'll notice that they didn't move the old injured guy up on the wait list!

    Be sure to stock up on $1 bills for the "Dollar Dance" at the reception!

  4. Well, I envy the hell out of ya. Or your lunch today, anyhoo. And now I'm gonna have this tune in my head all danged day... hummin' "I'm standin' on the corner in Lafayette...

    Have a great time, Andy!

    wv: corming. As in "Too bad I ain't corming along. Sigh."

  5. Red, thanks for the tip. The next time I pass through BR, I'll give it a rip.

    Moogie...dollar deposited!

    MUD: Hot as hell is what I eat for. And, I'm with ya' on the mudbugs...never been a fan.

    Buck, it's been A WHILE since I heard that one. Swamp Pop is big on Acadiana some good young artists coming along.

    Thanks for the good wishes all. Had a fabulous day.


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