Sunday, March 21, 2010

Teh Stoopid Search of the day... (#13) So, just how convoluted must a The Gooble Search be to rank Andy's Place #1???

I'm glad you asked.

Today's Stoopid Search once again finds Andy's Place ranked by The Gooble as Numero Uno!  Yawn...I'm used to it.  But, this one must be noted.  This particular searcher hails from Sarasota, Florida...and had a rather complex set of parameters for his/her The Gooble Search.

When you click on it you will note a few things.  One is that we once again wax the "big boys."  The New York Times (which sucks), (which is the website of the New Orleans Times-Picayune...and doesn't really suck all that bad), and even once again eat Andy's dust.

No brag...just fact...

So, we note that Andy's Place has been chosen by The Gooble as the perfect destination for someone searching for "cat looking in mirror sees lsu tiger french quarter."  Thanks Gooble!  Thanks for the link, you morons.  I'm sure the searcher was just thrilled with your stoopid result. 

It should be noted that the extremely WRONG The Gooble Search sent the searcher to my home particular post.

In fact, reading the text beneath Andy's Place's #1 link, I see that The Gooble has cobbled together text from four different posts I have done within the past few concerning about my bad hair about the big fat Notre Dame Cheerleader Humpday Hottie...and another about how the Chinks aren't as smart as everybody thinks.

Is any further proof required?  Seriously?


  1. Folks who work at Goobvle sometimes moonlight at the CBO, methinks.

  2. I was looking at the link. What in the world are they teaching those kids down there?


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