Monday, March 8, 2010

Update on Dan Rather, and watermelons, and junk...

Ya' know...I have joked around about this for a good long while.  But more and more, I begin to believe that I really do "Own The Gooble!"

It was probably not more than one hour ago that I posted a deal about Dan Retard Rather, and how he made himself look like more of an ass than normal by downing our beloved President ObozO, saying he couldn't sell watermelons, even if the State Po-leese directed traffic.

So, I ate dinner, and was gonna pack it in for the night.  I just decided to come up here to the office and see how many hate computer letters I had gotten since then.  Lo, and behold...NONE!

So, while I was here, I decided to check my Sitemeter (that's the thing that tells you what folks were looking for when they found your miserable, puny, worthless blog).  Page 1 (which is the most recent results) shows me this:

(click on it, and see, just exactly what I mean)

Also, y'all long-time visitors will understand the Gooble Search done by #3 there...we won't talk about that again...but I hope I was of help.  Just sayin'...

The particular searcher highlighted (we'll call him #7) is from Houston, TX.  (A fellow Texan of Dan RatherNot.)  You'll also note that #14 also has ALREADY made his way to Andy's Place.  He's from some little town in Ohio I've never heard of.

So, my curiosity was piqued as to what #7's  The Gooble Search© result was.  I'll swear, I'm not even surprised at all any more.  I OWN THE GOOBLE!  Here it is:

Note that we beat out CBS News,, and Salon (that's a good name for a queer site, huh?)

Look, if y'all need some advice on how to keep coming up #1 on The Gooble Searches, just ask me.  I have figured it out!  I ain't kidding y'all!  I've got a stack about four chiggerbites thick of these things.  I'm gonna have to get more hard drive space pretty soon, just to hold 'em all.

Oh I am gonna pack it in for the night.  I am quite sure that tomorrow morning, the G-Mailbox will be jammed up with a bunch of junk from "haters!"


  1. Watching stats will make you go crazy. I can never figure out what most of them mean anyway. Especially the google search hits. I am hit pretty often on the "lifetime supply of chocolate". Who woulda thunk?

  2. not a fan of imus......... but if he had said that, they would have kicked him off permanently...........double standards, as usual


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