Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ads by The Gooble...

Sigh...(Just typing out loud here.)

Ads by The Gooble...

First of all, I'm writing from true ignorance about how blog advertisements are bought and sold through The Gooble.  I'm assuming that a blogger throws his/her blog into some massive pool with others, and ads will randomly appear on their blogs.

I am also assuming that SOME editorial leverage is given to the blogger.  Like, "I don't want any child porn ads on my blog, etc."  Not that I think The Gooble would even take ads from child porn sites.  I mean, The Gooble is wrong...but not that wrong.

And, I know that some bloggers sell ads directly to advertisers, which gives them complete oversight of the deal.

But, some funny things can happen with these random ads.  I was reading a post the other day where homosexuality was mentioned.  In the side bar appeared an ad for a "Meet a Gay Millionaire Online" site.  The photo attached to the ad was creepy.  Just sayin'...

I was reading an article about Arkansas college football last fall, and an ad appeared in the sidebar:  "The average IQ of the Razorbacks is 87.  Take our IQ Test!" I'm pretty sure the fan site I was reading didn't have that in mind when they decided to sell ads.

Once I was reading a post that was extremely critical of Michelle Obama.  In the sidebar appeared an ad from a company selling a Michelle Obama Inaugural Edition Doll.  It was a beautiful thing...she was all decked out in a dress that was quite attractive, unlike the crap she really wears.  But you get my drift...

So, I was reading posts in my The Gooble Reader yesterday.  A Canadian blogger that I read (a very conservative female, not RightGirl, btw) has ads that appear beneath her posts.  A link titled "Say Goodbye To Limbaugh" appears regularly in her posts.  This is the linked page:

Now, does this blogger REALLY want to promote a site designed to collect e-mail addresses for solicitations by the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee?  Certainly not.  Will any of her readers bite?  Probably not.

I understand that there are some big boys and gals out there that blog for a living.  That's cool!  Good on 'em!  But, low traffic blogs like Andy's Place would probably not generate enough to pay for the web space (which is free). 

I am curious though, about those mid-traffic blogs.  (Say, those that get 1,000 visits or so a day).  Are the funds generated by the ads worth the prospect of promoting some cause or product that the blogger may be firmly against?

Like I said, just typing out loud...


  1. I did The Google The Ads a few years ago, when I was but a wee FOUR in PageRank. I made a total of one hundred smacks, plus had my content filtered.

    Screw that.

  2. I never tried it, never was really tempted. Andy, why don't you give it a shot and let me know how it goes :-)

  3. I did it from December of last year to about February. All in all I'd say I made enough for two deluxe pizzas and a case of diet coke. Then again my traffic average was in the 80 to 150 range unless it was a really hot topic then it would spike to the 280s. Unless you are a dedicated blogger, commenting every ten minutes on all the top stories from Drudge or memeorandum, it isn't worth your time or worth cluttering up your blog with a bunch of AdSense garble. If you are doing that you aren't running a blog, you're chasing headlines and your content is boring.

  4. What Red said. Echo chamber. *YAWN*

  5. Heh! Jim, I wasn't considering it for this podunk blog...just pondering WHY others do.

    Red...I like the new commenting logo (it is new, isn't it? Maybe not...but I like it). I think you and Paul have well stated why I don't care to personally mess with it. Heck, I blog just to prove my ignorance.

    That doesn't pay too well, unless you get elected to some office.

    Paul, I knew about your experience with GoobleAdnonsense. Like I said...was just typing out loud.

    But, as always, I appreshunate the input!


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