Friday, April 16, 2010

Andy goes with a #2...

Hey y'all!  Hugs, kisses,  yada yada yada...

Well, I have been tuning up for the big day for about a week now.  And honestly, I've been a real wuss about the whole deal.  The Mrs. has been egging me on to finally get it done.  So I done it.

The "Moment of Truth" has arrived!

Can Andy do it?

 Can he do it?

Yep he can!  Yep he can!

See!  Yep he can!

So, yesterday I did something I had NEVER done in my 50 years of life.  I went and bought hats/caps.  I've never worn a hat, nor a cap in my life before.  But due to the great advice of my dear friends here at Andy's Place, I figured I'd need plenty of coverage when I finally "juuumped," and done away with my mousy-gray mop. might notice that I've still got the Minnie Pearl price tags on my The WalMart caps, and The Burlington hat.  I didn't take the tags off, just in case I chickened out and didn't finally relent to y'all's wishes, and needed to return them.

I think the white cap looks good on me.
(It was five bucks at The WalMart.)

Hey Vern!  Ya' know what I mean?
The Mrs. likes this one the best.  Seriously!
(It was $2.50 at The WalMart)

I bought this one at The Burlington.  I figure I'll use it for funerals, and Weddings and junk.
(It was $9.95 at The Burlington...serious hats cost more)

Okay, this one belongs to The Mrs.  

But, I like it! (even though I'd never be seen wearing it in public).

At the end of the cap/hat buying, I splurged!

I finally bought me an LSU Tiger ball cap!
(it was 10 bucks at TheWalMart)

Having always been a conflicted Tiger fan, I was always conflicted about whether to buy an LSU ball cap or not.  I mean...if you don't ever wear ball caps, why buy one?  But since I've got to wear one now, due to the fact that y'all mostly wanted me to slick my head down, the $10 for the LSU ball cap at The WalMart seemed like a no-brainer.  (which is right up my alley)

So, I just went with a #2 guard on the clipper.  I thought about shaving all the way down.  But, I was just afraid that people would point at me, and laugh.  So #2 will have to do.  For now.

Dang...I guess it'll grow back.



    I'm not sure I commented on your post when you asked if you should do this, but my intention was to tell you to keep it. You don't look bad with your hair the way it is(was).

  2. Gray hair is a sign of wisdom. Which explains why I'm such an idiot most of the time...

  3. Andy, I swear, and I'm not lyin', I believe the shorter cut makes you look younger! If you went to #1 or the smooth look, you'd probably be carded if you tried to buy beer.

    Good hats, all of 'em, well cept that purplish one. :) Reminds me of Les. boo.

  4. You do look younger. I thought a short buzz would look better than a total shave down.
    You look great, Bud. :)

  5. Staci & Nancy...I really like girl comments. Y'all are too kind.

    And, Staci, I ain't no Homeaux like your boyfriend, Les. ;)

    Walt, I knew you would be pleased. You and Patrick pushed me over the to speak.


    Inno, I think gray hair is just a sign that you're gettin' old...or maybe some mineral deficiency, or something.

    Thank y'all for the support! I mean it.

  6. Thank you for noticing,Trenton! It's my favorite one...

  7. Like the haircut. But Andy, having a tough guy buzz cut and leaving a tag on your hat like Minnie Pearl creates a somewhat paradoxical situation.

  8. Gotta go along with Staci -- I'm liking the new 'do.

    The purple hat, on the other hand . . . . ;-P

  9. Dan, Nyuk! My wife said the same thing...

    Moogie, thank you mucho! And yes, we are going to have a problem next fall, I am quite sure...especially when we run our annual "We hate Arkansas Week." ;)

  10. Hmmm. You look JUST like any number of the hundreds of guys I see out at Cannon Airplane Patch every time I go out that way. All you need is a USAF organizational cap to complete the look. I think you know someone who might be able help with that... ;-)

  11. Buck, so you're saying that Cannon is overrun with ugly old farts?

    Yes sir, I believe I know from whom I can obtain one of those. I notice you didn't give a thumbs-up, or a thumbs-down. Thankee!

  12. I think I see hint of an Andy boob in one of those pictures. Nyuk!

    The hair looks great though!!

  13. Nyuk! Thanks Dadman. I noticed it myself, and started to do a bit more cropping.

    But then I realized that it was just "the light," and left it in.

    I mean, I'm not vain. Much. :)

  14. I think it looks pretty good, bud.


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