Friday, April 23, 2010

Coming to a urinal near you?

 This is a new one on me...

Okay, so The Mrs. & I went to eat lunch today at a local restaurant that I had never been to.  I am planning writing a review either tonight or tomorrow for our local friends here in the Ark-La-Tex area.

But, I saw something I have never seen before while I was visiting said restaurant.

When we got there, I had to go tinkle because I had drank too much coffee, or something.  So, in I head to the little boy's room.  Now, all you guys will know that many restaurants, businesses, etc. put stuff up above the urinal for you to look at while you're tinkling.

Oh, I've seen real nice pictures of pastoral scenes, or vintage sports photos, or old newspaper ads like from the 20's, or vintage movie posters, and one john I frequent puts the current "page one" of the local newspaper (The Shreveport Times) up every day for your enjoyment.  But, I'm getting kind of old, and can't shoot that high anymore.  Sigh.

Anyway, I ain't never seen this!

You will note in this photo that there is a picture of a football player above this particular urinal.  (Man, I'm glad I had my camera back at the table).  Who is the football player in the picture?  I do not know.  But, I'm sure he was probably taken in the NFL draft last night.  It's a picture...a moving picture...

It's a stinkin' flat panel television screen above a urinal!

And, it's showing ESPN!

Seriously!  C'mon!  Just how much TV is too much?  Jeepers, you can't even go take a leak at this place without lookin' at a stinkin' television!

And, that ain't all!

Yep!  It's a Two-Wall-er...

And, the "short boy" urinal features ESPN II!

Actually, when I went in there, there were two waiters leaning up against the lavatory watching.  (But when I started unzipping, they went on back to work...which was nice of 'em.)

So, I was telling The Mrs. about this, and before we left, I FINALLY talked her in to visiting the Chick Potty (even though she didn't really need to), just to see if they had their own TV, and like if it was set on the Cooking Channel, or the Having a Baby Channel.

So, she comes back with the camera, and says, "This restaurant is sexist!"  So, I quizzed her further.  She said, "There is not a television in the ladies' room.  Let me show you what WE have in OUR rest room..."

So, she handed me the camera set in the "review mode."

Nyuk!  What'll they think of next?


  1. Teevees in the head? That's just waaay stupid. OTOH, the owner(s) mighta done it for bragging rights among members of the Publick House Owners and Proprietors Guild. Or sumthin.

    "Having a Baby Channel." Heh.

  2. Buck, if I'm lyin', I'm dyin'...flat panel TV screens in the little boys' room!!!

    And, I've always called it the "Having a Baby Channel." Pam just loves that channel...fascinated with it really.

    She should have been a midwife or something.


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