Friday, April 23, 2010

For no particular reason...

Okay, I'm lying. Again. There really is a reason...

I was reading a blog post, and looking on The YouTube for Lacy J. Dalton's classic "I'll Be Damned, If I Go Home With A Wild Turkey Like You!" 

I was going to drop a link to make a purnt.

I didn't find what I was looking for. But, I did find this one by Lacy. So, I decided to give up on being clever, and dropping that link to a song I can't find on The YouTube!  My comment was not gonna be that good anyway. 

Lacy's older now...just like the rest of us, I guess. (I mean all y'all...not me, of course)

But the gal looks good. I'm not sure when this was filmed. But the gal still "had it" when it was.

For y'all non-country music folks, 16th Avenue in Nashville could be considered kind of  like Mecca to aspiring rednecks with a song on their lips, an acoustic slung over their shoulder, and a dream in their hearts.


  1. Admit it, you're getting old. You don't even know what your purnt was.
    Uh oh, 9:48, past my bedtime!

  2. Jim, you are correct! This morning, I have NO idea what my purnt is/was.

    Gettin' old...

    Paul, Yes Sir! Lacy always had it, and still got it.

  3. Andy, I love this song, but I've never seen this particular version of it. As you say, the song is like a hymn to those hundreds of pickers and grinners that are drawn here annually with hopes of reaching their dreams. The video also gave me an idea for a post about Nashville's music scene(if I can find the video), so a double thank you for posting it.

  4. Lacy J will be 64 in October, according to The Wiki... or right in YrHmblScrb's demographic sweet spot. Shorter: I would.

  5. Dan, I thought you might appreciate that one.

    Buck, I didn't know you'd appreciate it QUITE SO MUCH! But, I hear ya'...


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