Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Gooble is wrong! (#45) this REALLY a problem?

I wasn't quite sure whether to post this search as a "The Gooble is wrong" item, or a "Teh Stoopid Search of the Day."  It could fit well into either.  But, it seems to exhibit more "wrongness" by The Gooble Search© than it does stoopidity by the searcher.

Actually, the search itself raises some questions in my mind. And, these are questions that must be answered.

As you click on this search to observe the details, you will note that Andy's Place once again is #1 on The Gooble Search© results.  Ho Hum...

But, I'm gonna confess that I never thought that maintaining a dryface would cross the mind of an Asian.  Especially an Asian in the UK.

Who knew this would be a source of concern?  Certainly not your gracious host!

Seriously.  I mean, don't most folks just kinda hope that a dryface will go away?  Ya' know...kinda lap up the love from the UK, and get all greasy & junk?  I mean, eat enough fish & chips, and you can get really gross-out greasy & get zits and junk!

One would think that Asians in the UK would be far more concerned with junk like maintaining their teeth after taking the measure of the population.  Don't ya' think?

Regardless, The Gooble is Wrong!  This poor dryfaced Asian was sidetracked from actual decent advice in articles on down the list.  In truth, the searcher was directed to a discussion of national health care in Germany, and treated to a short line in the post about how health care in the UK sucks!

That should make that dryfaced Asian very excited about their new home!  Regardless, Andy will take yet another #1, no matter how badly The Gooble Search© screwed 'em up!

Just a reminder. I OWN THE GOOBLE! And...



  1. IF I was Asian, and IF I had dry skin, and IF I lived in the UK, I would go directly to Andy's Place to look for advice. Who needs the Gooble anyway?

  2. Jim, I couldn't have said it better myself! No brag...just fact. Nyuk!

  3. I'm still waiting for the shirts. And I'm not a t-shirt person. I'd definitely wear a button.


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