Tuesday, April 27, 2010

How do you pronounce "Oklahoma?"

From Paul the Fireguy...

How do YOU pronounce  "Oklahoma?"


Do you think it's correct?


There is a right way and a wrong way to pronounce  it.


If you say OK...LAHOMA, You're WRONG!!!!!


 The  proper way is:  OKLA...HOMA.


There's a gap between the 'a' and the 'h'.


I can prove it.....................

There, you learned something today!

I do love these educational emails....


  1. Heh. I could use more learnin' like this.

  2. Andy, Are those proturberances I think I see below the "L" and the second "O" some kind of punctuation accent marks or is just my imagination? I wasn't studying this pic too close now, mind you.

  3. Staci, I thought you'd enjoy that. ;)

    Buck & Jim...I live to serve.

    Dan, I didn't notice that myself. Maybe I'd better go take another look...

  4. I'm getting old and my vision is failing. Is there a braille version of this I can run my hands over?

  5. I thought it was pronounced "bodacious tata's".

    Maybe I'm wrong...

  6. I've been studying and re-studying this picture for the past couple days. I think her shirt says, 'place face here', but I could be wrong. I'll have noodle on this a little more...

    Ironic veriword of the day: hubbahubba...

  7. Inno: It must be tough being a blind engraver. Just sayin'...

    BR, Nyuk!

    Dadman: It certainly does lend itself to further study. I'll have to get my Okla(insert face opps, I mean "space" here) homa slang dictionary out...


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