Friday, April 16, 2010

I've got this friend...

...who has a "friend" on The Facebook that she simply can not afford to offend.  It's one of those complicated deals that most of us would understand, knowing all the details.

In a The Facebook thread, her "friend" wrote:

What Emma should be asking is why is everyone so angry at this administration? In addition to increasing troops in Afganistan, they have slashed the deficit by 8%. Isn't that what they all wanted?

I don't spend much time on The Facebook. Just sayin'...


  1. I often just choose to let the ignorant remain so. Experience has shown that it saves me a great deal of frustration. In this case I would just let the comment pass.

    Re: Facebook. After the first week I failed to see the point (as expected), and don't spend much time on it, either.

  2. I really like Facebook because it has allowed me to find and communicate with many, many people I haven't seen for years. I'm also a nosy old broad, so it allows me to be "in the know" about all kinds of stuff -- both good and bad. I have chosen, however, to let Facebook be social for the most part. As I wouldn't get into a lot of political debate at a wedding or Christmas party, I try my utmost to leave politics to my blog. I'm not always successful (i.e. -- I posted a picture from yesterday's Tea Party in NOLA. Oops.), but I try. Some people just can't stand not kicking in their two cents worth everywhere.

  3. I greatly enjoy Facebook. Perhaps it's my ADD-esque nature, but I find it even easier to keep in contact than e-mail. I mean, when you see a bud post a message or status, it's simple to throw out a comment. It's easier for discussions to blossom - good or bad. I've found that, in the sake of tolerance, if I don't like what one of my "friends" has to say, I just let it go. It's a different environment than blogs and I'm not going to be changing any minds with a Facebook post. It's just fun.

    Twitter on the other hand, I don't get at all.

  4. Facebook? I quit it after a six month trial run. Don't want or need Mafia wars, drinks I can't drink, flowers I can't smell, virtual farms, and massive stupidity on the part of people I have no reason to know other than to increase their friend count. Other than that? I guess it's OK.

  5. The old adage: You can't argue with ignorance, is so true. It is a difficult process, because you have to first chip away at the wall of indifference, just to get to the possibility of education. Then, after all that, you can argue (in the best sense of the word) with some hope of reaching understanding.

  6. BR, and Buck, your experiences are similar to my own. I signed up as an experiment. And, I learned a thing or two. Long story...quit it went back for a specific reason...long story...

    Moogie, and Cullen, I know a whole lot of folks that enjoy the heck out of The Facebook. Moogie, you make an excellent observation about staying away from politics. I read a very long back and forth between two people that are my "friends" on The Facebook over Obama. One of them is an actual real life friend, and another is someone I barely knew, but confirmed anyway. (I'm a soft touch) And, you owe me a new keyboard, Moogie! When I read, "I'm also a nosy old broad,..." I lost my Diet Sam's Cola all over the emachine dealie I am (was) currently using.

    It was so very sad that my REAL friend tried his best to just be left alone, and go back to the social networking deal...but Mr. Smartass lib just WOULD NOT LET IT DIE.

    I'm thinking that The Facebook has a very valuable role for communicating with others. But, politics seem to screw the pooch.

    Walt, that is so true. I'll raise my hand and admit "ignorance" on many things. More ignorant than not. Trying to "chip away at indifference" is like trying to scrub clean Mt. Rushmore with a toothbrush.

    Even if you did it, the place you started would be dirty again. I'm not telling you anything you don't already know, my friend...

  7. Andy, I was over at Gina's house today, and told her about this post. Gina doesn't watch the news, refuses to inf act, but when I said "they have slashed the deficit by 8%" she about fell out of her chair laughing. She said "if the deficit is reduced, and everybody's just peachy keen (well she didn't say peachy keen but you get the picture) then why are there no jobs, long welfare and unemployment lines, etc etc etc? And I got to thinking she's right - even if you hadn't been told the news about our economy, you can feel it in your pocketbook every single day. For instance, gas went up like a dime a gallon overnight here. Doesn't sound like much, but over time.....

    WV: burpa heh heh

  8. "burpa" Nyuk! And yes, can feel it even if you shut off all info.


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