Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Let's run up the tab...and hope Obama don't "walk the ticket."

A commentor over at Innno's Place shared this idear...

Heard this on the Gibson radio show.

Go to Google.

Enter "Goldman Sachs SEC".

Click on link on the top of the page that says "Help Wall Street Change."

When you click, Google charges the Democrats twenty bucks.

Cool, huh?

Now, I do not know if "" is actually paying The Gooble Search©
$20 for every click-through. But, I understand "pay for clicks" advertising on The Gooble Search©.

His organization is paying something. So, I was  glad to oblige by clicking through...I just hope ObozO pays The Gooble what he'll owe 'em for all our support.

Click away!!!

( looks like they took it down.  Maybe their click-through account ran out of money, or a cookie keeps you from running up the tab.  Dunno.  But keep trying.  Do it for the children.)


  1. Hey, this redistribution of wealth stuff is kinda fun!

  2. I heard on Rush yesterday it was .25 cents. I guess with the inevitable hyperinflation it'll eventually get to that but...


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